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There is no simple way of determining whether one tea type has more or less caffeine than another.

It is a falsehood to state that white tea is low in caffeine, whereas black tea is high in caffeine. In fact a Silver Needles white tea, picked in early spring, will have considerably more caffeine than a late picked, low grade China black tea.

Here are some key factors that impact the level of caffeine in tea:

  1. Picking season: spring teas are typically higher in caffeine.
  2. Picking grade: tippy teas with a high proportion of buds in them will be higher in caffeine.
  3. Large leaf varietals (Camellia var. Assamica rather than the Chinese Camellia var. Sinensis) typically have higher levels of caffeine.
  4. Longer brewing times tend to release more caffeine than shorter brewing times, as caffeine is water soluble.
  5. A coarse, leaf only, summer tea will be lower in caffeine than an early spring picked silver or golden needle tea.

White tea is a good example of the extreme caffeine variations possible within one tea type. For example, a Yin Zhen Silver Needle white tea will be significantly higher in caffeine than a summer picked Shou Mei white tea.

Organic and wild teas tend to have lower caffeine levels for a number of reasons, including non-use of nitrogen fertilisers and better biodiversity. 

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