Yunnan Sun Dried Black Tea

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Vintage: 2021
Weight: 150g
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Description of Packaging: Resealable Pouch
Tea Farmer: Mr Wu
Mr. Wu is a local from the MengHai region has been working with tea for over a decade. He has worked hard to develop his tea factory into a leading site for processing and packing boutique teas. Since 2010 Mr. Wu has started to lease and manage his own tea plantation so that he is able to control the whole process and to experiment more with cultivation and processing techniques.

Black Tea

Black tea is a type of tea produced from the camellia sinensis plant that is highly oxidized, resulting in a dark reddish-gold hue, a hearty, slightly astringent flavor, and a moderate amount of caffeine.

Menghai, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan 云南省西双版纳州勐海

Menghai county is made up of 6 main towns, including Menghai town and Mengzhe, Daluo, Menghun, Mengzhe, Mengman and Meng’a as well two townships, Mengsong and Mengwang. Menghai county is located in the very south west of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, which borders Myanmar. The county is home to several of Yunnan’s main ethnic minorities including Dai, Hani, Lahu and Bulang.

Menghai is a renowned area for Puerh and black tea production, is the base for several of the larger tea factories as well as numerous smaller and family operations.

Menghai is blessed with stunning forests and a diverse range of habitats, home to 58 species of rare and endangered plants as well as 361 species of animals, 249 birds, 45 reptiles and 1136 species of insects!

Brewing Black Tea in a Teapot or Giawan

Vessel Capacity: 150 - 200ml
Tea Quantity: 8g (loose leaf)
Water Temperature: 100c
People / Servings: 4

Medthod: Pre-warm the teapot or gaiwan with boiling water and empty. Add the chosen amount of tea leaf, rinse the tea with a little hot water and then discard the water. Next refill the tea pot and follow the infusion times below.

Infusion Times (in seconds):
1st = 60.
2nd = 45.
3rd = 60.
4th = 90.
5th = 120.
6th = 150.
7th = 180.

Please visit our online tea brewing guide, which includes different methods and infusion times for all tea types.