Shanghai Tea Classes

Selected experiences and in-depth programmes to suit all levels and interests in both English and Chinese.

Tea Workshops

Our tea workshops are small sessions which aim to create a friendly group in which to learn. Again these are adapted to our attendees requirements. Past workshops include Cha Yi, Cha Dao, tea types, Tie Guan Yin appreciation & using teapots. Typically these workshops are designed for 2-6 people, though 4 is probably the most ideal as it allows everyone plenty of time in which to practice and to learn from not just Wan Ling but the others in the group! Tea workshops usually last from 1-3 hours depending on attendees availability, schedule and patience. A series of workshops is available if you are looking to refine your skills or to practice a cross-section of styles.


Presentations can be given on many aspects of tea. Examples include tea history, tea accessories (e.g. tea pots, trays, utensils, cups, mugs etc.), tea types & origins. If you have a presentation you would like us to give please contact us. Group size will depend on the location, facilities available and the presentation content itself.


Our demonstrations normally focus on Cha Yi, tea art and the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. The demonstration allows a large group of people (5-10+) to get a practical overview of how to make tea in different styles. A Chinese tea ceremony demonstration can be a good starting point from which to then organise separate workshops.

Chinese Tea Experiences

Our tea tastings can be pre-arranged based on your preferences.

Alternatively Wan Ling Tea House offers three different two hour Experiences, each giving you an introduction to tea and the chance to taste three different teas.

Chinese Tea Tasting  (up to 8 people)
Chinese Tea Art  (up to 8 people)
Chinese Tea Making workshop  (up to 4 people)

Single 2 hour experience @ 400RMB / per person.

6 hour Experience package @ 1600RMB per person including free tea tasting pack.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Courses

Two Day Programme

Condensed programme for those looking at gaining an in-depth understanding of Chinese tea and some practical experience of tea preparation. Offered for one on one and small group classes.

Day One:
AM: Introduction to Chinese tea and tea culture
PM: Tea Tasting

Day Two:
AM: Tea types and tea regions
PM: Workshop

Available for beginners and experienced tea lovers.
Typical schedule: 9am-3pm (9am to 12:00pm, Lunch, 1pm to 3pm)

Total: 12 hours: 3800RMB / per person paid in full in advance.

Introductory Programmes

Tea preparation & Tea meditation

Twenty hours programmes (10 classes) to give tea lovers with varying degrees of knowledge the chance the take their passion further. Ideal to improve your tea preparation techniques, tea and tea cultural knowledge to the next level. Whether looking to expand your knowledge for your personal enjoyment or to help to develop your tea business, our Introduction Programmes are an excellent choice.

Total 20 hours: 3800RMB / per person paid in full in advance.

Custom Programmes

Tailored to your needs

We work together with you to develop your own programme that looks at your current knowledge and interest, and aligns the training to your objectives and wishes.

Optional field trips can be included to help you gain even more practical experience. Whether looking for a high level of theory knowledge or looking to focus on your practical tea preparation and tea art skills this is the learning solution for you.

Total 40 hours: 7200RMB / per person paid in full in advance.

If you would like to book a session or course or if you have any questions please get in touch.


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