Gong Ting Shu Puerh (2008)

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Year: 2008
Best Before: 30 years from date of harvest, when stored in good conditions.
Description of Packaging: Pouch
Storage guide: Store away from strong smells and out of direct light. Best kept in an air tight container.
Shu Puerh Tea

Shu Puer is the fermented version of raw Puer tea. The fermentation process is used to smooth out the rough edges of younger raw Puer and create a new tea with different character. The resulting tea is darker, smoother and has an entirely different flavor profile from raw Puer.

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Brewing Shu Puerh Tea in a YiXing Teapot or Gaiwan

Vessel Capacity: 150 - 200ml
Tea Quantity: 8g (loose leaf)
Water Temperature: 100c
People / Servings: 4

Medthod: Pre-warm the teapot or gaiwan with boiling water and empty. Add the chosen amount of tea leaf, rinse the tea with a little hot water and then discard the water. Next refill the tea pot and follow the infusion times below.

Infusion Times (in seconds):
1st = 60.
2nd = 45.
3rd = 60.
4th = 90.
5th = 120.
6th = 150.
7th = 180.

Please visit our online tea brewing guide, which includes different methods and infusion times for all tea types.

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