Corporate event for a multinational company

Wan Ling has arranged events with small to medium companies, as well large multinationals.

Whether the events are small group gatherings loosely based on our 'Cha Yi' (Tea Art), Tea Tasting Experiences at our Shanghai Tea House, or fully customised events that are integrated with a company's in-site programme, Wan Ling is always available to discuss needs and ideas.

Wan Ling has developed a 'Tea Tasting and Appreciation' training series for a global essences company. She has created a training module for a global cosmetics company to support their team training based on the theme of 'The Art of Service'. She has supported global brands in welcoming their VIP guests from overseas. She has also served tea for private board meetings in the comfortable seclusion of our tea house.

Why not do something different next time you have a team gathering or have guests from overseas visiting Shanghai?

Contact us to brainstorm ideas. Together we can create something memorable. 

Regular Historic Group Meeting at Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai.

Historic Group Meeting at Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai.

Global Training for over 500 people - Shangri-La Pudong.

Global Training Event for 500+ staff held at the Shangri-La Pudong.

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