JieJie Gao Yixing Zhuni Red Clay Teapot

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Capacity: 100ml
Clay: Zhuni Red Clay 朱泥
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Length: 105mm
Height: 75mm
Diameter: 50mm
Spout Type: 8 hole
Material: Zhuni clay 朱泥
Altenative Names: Yixing teapot by (Mr.) Fan Zhi Jun 范志君
Description of Packaging: Gift Box
Yixing, Jiangsu 宜兴市江苏省

Located in the eastern province of Jiangsu 江苏省, Yixing is renowned for its Zisha 紫砂 purple clay. The surrounding hills, including the famous Huang Long mountain 黄龙山, are where this highly-prized mineral rich rock is sourced. Yixing purple clay is used for making the Unesco-recognised teapots, as well as wide cooking pots and flower pots (especially for orchids).

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