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Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AA

Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AA
Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AA Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AA Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AA Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade AA

Jasmine green tea pearls. The finest 'Xiao Long Zhu' available. These tea pearls are especially made for a limited market. Choose the best for your cup. Made from top quality green tea and premium jasmine flowers. These jasmine pearls, are carefully blended to balance the delicate flavours of each for the perfect cup.


Sit back and let the world pass you by. Relaxation made easy.


No additional oils or artificial fragrances added. 100% natural.

Price £18.00

Best Seller

Product Details

Quantity Discount
5 - 10 5.00%
11 - 20 10.00%
21 - 60 15.00%
61 - 100 20.00%

Year and season of Harvest:   Spring

Description of packaging:   Silver foil pouch in Wan Ling Tea House white box.

Product weight:   50g

Region:   Fujian, China.

Alternative Names:   Jasmine pearls, jasmine green tea pearls, xiao long zhu,

Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 5

Prasarn Wachapatthana, Rated this as: 5

My favourite Jasmine tea...

I was really surprised that the package had been sent from UK to my door in Bangkok so fast, even faster than the one sent from China to Bangkok. With a very careful packing, there was no damage with my porcelain order. Well, the Jasmine tea pearl grade AA is so superb, no bitterness, full aroma, good taste and especially it leaves a little bit sweetness at my throat!!!! feel so good. There are a lot of jasmine tea sold in Bangkok but I have never ever had the one like this before. Ummm, so…good. Thanks for Wan Ling Tea House's team.

Anonymous, Rated this as: 5

beautiful tea...

I have been looking for a uk source of good jasmine pearls ever since my husband was given some as a gift when working in Hong Kong. I have never found anything as good in uk - have tried several different suppliers. This tea is actually better than the tea he brought back. It has a beautifully clear taste with no bitterness and the aroma is amazing. I am no sort of tea expert but this tea is wonderful. Am now going to try the A grade as the only downside to this tea is that it is a little expensive if you drink a lot of tea like I do. Worth it though!

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