Wan Ling & James

Wan Ling

Company Founder


Wan Ling

I grew up in Anxi county, Fujian province. This is an area renowned for tea production, and I was immersed in the tea world right from the beginning. I moved to Shanghai in 2002 to work for a large Fujianese tea company, then I took the plunge in 2004 and opened my first tea shop in an antiques market on Beijing Road, Shanghai. Since then, I have been selling and serving tea in several locations in Shanghai.

Xuhui district forms part of the Former French Concession area of the city, characterised by leafy avenues and beautiful parks. The tea house is open for private tea tastings and tea purchases upon prior booking. I am passionate about the teas from my home county, as well as teas elsewhere in China, and want to share them with you.


I worked in telecommunications for a Dorset-based company and for many years enjoyed trying different teas whilst on my global travels. Frequent trips to the Shanghai branch led to an interest in the Chinese language and culture.

I chanced upon Wan Ling's tea shop on the way home from work one day, and a friendship was formed. Many years later, romance blossomed too. Wan Ling and I have been married since 2010, and we have two beautiful daughters.

We source authentic, single-estate loose leaf teas for our customers worldwide and our company combines reliability with a unique oriental flair.