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Tea Culture Links

Weblinks from around the world on topics including YiXing ZiSha, Tea History and Tea Ceremonies.

Brother Anthony's Korean Tea

Good coverage of tea in all aspects from history, preparation and culture. Some interesting 'Korean' perspectives are included. If you visit 'Brother Anthony's' home page ( there are also some very interesting insights to Korea life and literature.

Type: Culture/History Country: Korea Language: English

Korean Tea Association

Type: Info Country: Korea Language: Korean

Panyaro (English)

Lovely overview of Korean tea history, tea ceremony and more.

Type: Culture & Facts Country: Korea Language: English

Cha Hu - 'Tea Pot'

Great series of pictures showing how a Zi Sha tea pot is made. also contains so other information though most in Chinese.

Type: YiXing Teapots / Country: China / Language: Chinese

Teas Etc.

Good overview of Yi Xing and Zi Sha clay pots. The link will take you to the owner of blog and from there to their shop. The blog has good general information within.

Type: YiXing Teapots / Country: US Language: American English Tea Ceremony

fujian-tea-ceremony @

Good description of how the Fujian Tea Ceremony is performed plus numerous links to other interesting tea facts.

Type: Tea Ceremony Country: International Language: English

Tea 001 - Sichuan Tea Performance

Video of Sichuan cha yi or tea art. The Sichuan tea performance is quite different to the sedate tea ceremonies of normally associated with Chinese tea art. Performance is the key word! These amazing tea pots or tea kettles are often used to prepare Ba Bao Cha or 8 treasures tea, a mix of 8 ingredients including sugar, spices and fruit.

Type: Tea Ceremony Country: China / Language: Chinese

Web Japan - Japanese Tea Ceremony

A well written PDF about the Japanese Tea Ceremony, including some good pictures and explanations of the tea 'tools' and implements used. also contains lots of other information and fact sheets about Japan and Japanese culture.

Type: Tea Ceremony Country: Japan Language: English

Eastern Tea - Japanese Tea Ceremony 'Chanoyu'

Article about the Japanese Tea Ceremony. A brief introduction which is complemented with additional page including a gallery explaining other aspects of the Japanese Chanoyu including the close ties with art, the specialist tea rooms and more.

Type: Tea Ceremony Country: Singapore Language: English

Eastern Tea - Wu Wo without self Chinese Tea Ceremony

Wu Wo 'Without Self' Tea Ceremony explanation by fellow tea lovers from Singapore.

Type: Tea Ceremony Country: Singapore Language: English

Tea Muse - Tea History articles

A wonderful archive of articles by various well known authors including James Norwood Pratt and Jane Pettigrew on tea's history. Articles include discussions on English afternoon tea traditions, Darjeeling tea's history, review of Lu Yu's Classic of Tea and among many. Teamuse also offers many other great articles and is definitely worth a browse. Teamuse is Adagio Tea's online chat form.

Type: History Country: US Language: English

Alan and Iris Macfarlane - Tea History

A fascinating collection of historic articles and videos by the authors of Green Gold: The Empire of Gold. Mr & Mrs MacFarlane have a unique insight to the history of tea and especially Assam tea. Wan Ling Tea House recommends the following links in particular but if you have time explore further. Lots to learn;
Constrasts in Assamese Tea - Video
Tea Production and Consumption - Personal thoughts on Assam tea production.
Tea and the Industrial Revolution - Video
The growing and preparation of Japanese tea. - PDF

Type: History Country: US Language: English

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