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UK Tea Links

Included here are educational, informational, factual and other interesting connections focused on UK & Europe.

Pricing information for shipping in the UK and Europe.

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A very old tea drinking friend and the one who made this web site possible. Without his efforts Wan Ling Tea House on the web would never have happened, let a lone look good!

Type: Web design, graphics and more Country: UK Language: English

Located in central London, a great place to visit if you are interested in the history of tea in Europe.

Type: Place of Interest Country: UK Language: English

Dorset tea smuggling. An interesting, if not a little gruesome story about tea smuggling a long the British south coast during the 18th century.

Type: History Country: UK Language: English

A tea drinking friend whom we met online. Good site for tea info and other interesting odds 'n' ends.

Type: Info Country: UK Language: English

You will be surprised what you can buy in Dorset.

Support your local business. Dorset offers a wide range of fantastic products and services. Why buy else where?

Type: Info Country: UK Language: English

UK Tea council. Source of many tea facts, tea news, general tea information and a tea counter showing how many cuppa's the UK has drunk each day!

Type: Info Country: UK Language: English

English tea Page at StartPage UK. Excellent collections of links for Tea Health, Tea Effects, Tea Preparation, Tea History and many great tea shops and tea houses in the UK.

UK based search engine with thousands of UK businesses in it�s business directory.

Type: Non-Tea Country: UK Language: English

Blandford St. Mary

Local information on the village of Blandford St. Mary, home of James and the registered European HQ of Wan Ling Tea House. Find out more about this lovely part of Dorset.

Type: Dorset Info Country: UK Language: English

The Teapottery

Producers of weird and wonderful teapot designs since 1978 The Teapottery produce are part of a long tradition of craftsmanship. The teapots incorporate wit and humour with the skill and craftsmanship expected of fine English ceramics, and will stand up to a lifetime of brewing.

If you are looking for a teapot that is a little different you should pop along to their webshop.

Type: Novelty Teapots Country: UK Language: English

The Dorset business directory. A great source of local information for those living in the West Country.

Type: Dorset Info Country: UK Language: English

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