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Making Tea

Making Tea

Preparing tea varies hugely from the complexities and refinement of Chinese & Japanese 'Cha Dao', where years of training are necessary to fully understand the nuances of tea. Gong Fu Cha Yi, tea art, is much more than just a way to prepare tea but an understanding of nature and elegance. The opposite end of the spectrum is the simple and convenient use of a tea cup or glass, or very common in day to day China, a jam jar!

Over the years we have expanded the number of methods, and as time goes by we will add other pages on the styles and ways of tea. Suggestions are welcomed. We would be very interested in your pictures of tea consumption around the world and especially in Africa and the Middle East.

For those interested in the wonderful ZiSha tea pots of YiXing will be happy to see our page outlining the preparation of a Pu Er tea. Remember Pu Er is only used here as an example. Zi Sha tea pots also are popular in the preparation of all Chinese teas especially Oolongs and green teas.

We hope these pages give you some ideas and also enhance your understanding of how tea is enjoyed around the world. However you prepare your tea, enjoy the moment.

Links to other Styles: Chinese Cha Dao, Chinese Tea Tasting, Zi Sha Teapot, Indian & British Teapot, International Tea Drinking Styles.

Sections In Making Tea

Tea Brewing Guide

Welcome to our brewing guide. Here you can find our recommended methods for brewing different types of tea.   Black Tea Teapot (glass, yixing) or GaiWan Tea Mug Filter Mug, Gongfu Cup ...

Traditional Gong Fu Tea - 'Cha Dao'

Cha dao tea ceremony or gongfu tea ceremony is an intricate part of life within the South Eastern province of FuJian, especially ZangZhou and QuanZhou. GongFu or as it is sometimes written Kong Fu means skilled, hence Gong Fu Cha Dao, is being skil...

An Xi Tea Sampling Method

In this style of making tea, many of the key points, such as water temperature, water source etc. that have been mentioned before in our description of the 'Traditional ChaDao tea ceremony' method are relevant. To avoid repetition we will not menti...

British Tea Pot

Although called the British tea pot style, similar methods for preparing tea were common across parts of Europe, especially those whose teas were supplied by the Dutch. Preparing tea as ever varies from place to place and person to person but what ...

GongFu Cup or Piao Yi Bei

GongFu cups, mugs and tea pots are a modern innovation that aim to bring the advantages of the traditional GongFu tea method of preparing tea to fit with today's lifestyles. For many people, they see the tea tray, tea pots, cups and other accessories...

International Styles

In our international section on making tea around the world, we wanted to include many of the other methods that are found. We hope this section will continue to grow as tea friends contribute experiences and our tea journey continues. ...

Zi Sha Tea Pot

Zi Sha tea pots are a common sight on many tea lover's tea trays. All of the items in this picture are made with Zi Sha clay, though the Gong Dao Bei 'fair cup' and the cups have a glazed white interior to ensure the tea's colour stands out. With bla...

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