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Tea Types

Tea Types

One of the wonders of tea is that is there are so many different types. It can be very daunting approaching what teas to try.

Here Wan Ling gives you an introduction to the key tea types and then delves into some of the well known and not so well known varieties, methods of production and stories that give these teas their name. Equipped with this information we hope that you'll get an ever increasing amount of enjoyment from your tea drinking and discovering new colours, flavours and smells.

Sections In Tea Types

Black Tea Types

Black teas have become the most popular internationally. Black tea, especially 'new world' CTC, cut tear curl, teas dominate the mass tea bag market. Beyond the tea bag, the world produces many stunning orthodox, full leaf teas. It is interesting t...

Green Tea Types

Green teas are one of the most popular types of tea in Asia. They come in many forms such as Japanese powdered Matcha and Sencha teas to full leaf teas including the famous Long Jing and Bi Luo Chun, as well as many lesser known teas from Sic...

Jasmine Tea Types

Jasmine tea is characterised by the naturally sweet tea flavour as well as the fragrance of jasmine flowers. Quality Jasmine teas are made by scenting tea leaves with fresh flower buds. Baked green tea is often the preferred base tea selected ...

Oolong Tea Types

Oolong tea, or Wu Long as it is sometimes written, is a broad category of semi-fermented teas. Oolong teas are now produced around the world, though the great majority of famous Oolong teas are from China and in particular Fujian province. ...

PuEr Tea Information

PuEr or PuErh, is a unique type of tea which traditionally comes from the YunNan province in Southern China. PuEr differs from Green, Oolong and Black teas due to the length, complexity and the number of process used in its production. ...

White Tea Types

The simple and natural process used to produce white tea makes for a light and delegate taste. White teas come in a number of different grades and styles to suit different tastes and budgets. In this white tea facts section we aim to introd...

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