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Tea Events

Tea Events

Tea events are an important part of Wan Ling Tea House. Tea and arts are closely linked and should be celebrated and appreciated by as many as possible.

Wan Ling Tea House looks for ways to expand people's enjoyment, understanding and connection to tea. This page looks some of our past and future plans. Should you have any suggestions or requests please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Sections In Tea Events

Tea Events - Dorset, UK

Events are an important part of Wan Ling Tea House. They provide a superb opportunity to meet our customers, educate people about the world of tea, enjoy the English summer and visit some beautiful locations. Why not come and visit one of the...

Tea Events - Shanghai

Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai is available seven days a week for cha yi Chinese tea ceremony demonstrations, classes and workshops. Looking to learn more about Chinese culture? Impress a visiting, friend, business colleague or boss? Looking to make t...

Tea Events Archive

Tea events archive. A trip down memory lane. Interested to know the type events we organise? Take a moment to browse. Past tea events include tea tastings, tea talks, Chinese tea demonstrations, food markets, awards and so much more. W...

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