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The teapot is among one of the most popular ways to prepare tea and have evolved alongside that of the changing fashions in tea drinking. Tea wares are a vital part of ensuring the best from tea leaves and add a whole new dimension to enjoyment of quality, premium teas.

Wan Ling Tea House is pleased to offer an ever growing range of teapots to match the needs of our customers, whether you are looking for a modern, practical solution such as our glass GongFu glass cups & pots or a traditional Chinese YiXing teapots for your tea making, we hope you find what you need.

Sections In Teapots

YiXing Teapots

YiXing teapots have a special place in many Chinese tea lovers hearts. The famous ZiSha, purple clays from YiXing (I-Hsing) have been used for making Zi Sha Teapots for centuries. If you are wondering what is so special about YiXing and its purple...

YiXing Teapot Special Collection

YiXing teapot collecting can easily captivate the tea lover. These wondrous creations come in an ever growing range of styles to enchant traditionalists and modernists alike. Wan Ling Tea House YiXing Teapot Speci...

Glass Tea Pots

Glass tea pots are ideal for use with any of your favourite teas or tisanes. The perfect way to really appreciate the colour, shape and aromas of your chosen brew. The Wan Ling Tea House collection of glass tea pots all incl...

Ceramic Teapots

Ceramic and porcelain teapots come in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet the tastes and needs of the tea lover. From classic day to day teapots, to traditional style bamboo handled teapots. Wan Ling Tea House is also proud to offer a selection ...


GaiWan. Traditional GongFu teaware for making tea. Wan Ling Tea House selection ranges from the practical white porcelains of De Hua, which are de-facto in most Chinese tea shops, through to handmade and hand painted Jing De Zhen classics...

GongFu Mugs & Travel Mugs

In Mandarin, GongFu or Kong Fu means 'skilled'. The traditional Chinese way of tea preparation demands an array of utensils, years of experience and the honing of one's skills - hence the name GongFu tea. ...

Up to 200ml (Small)

Tea pots sorted by capacity. Small tea pots suited for individual use and for ceremonial gong fu tea preparation.

201 to 400ml (Medium)

Tea pots sorted by capacity. Ideal for 2-4 people. 200ml to 300ml is a very popular size for many types of tea and tisane brewing.

Over 400ml (Large)

Tea pots sorted by capacity. Large tea pots. Perfect for making tea & tisanes at meetings, clubs, social events or great times with friends and family.

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