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Tea Equipment

Tea Equipment

Tea cups, tea mugs, tea spoons, tea pots, tea strainer, tea cosy, tea trays; each culture has developed there own tea tools in which to store, prepare and enjoy their tea. Some tea wares are purely practical, other are as an expression of the society and period in which they are used.

No matter where you are in the world, another culture's tea wares may seem bizarre and excessive. Learn a little more about tea sets, tea pots and tea accessories here.

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Tea Accessories

A wonderful aspect of tea culture are the exquisite and unusual tea accessories available.  The Chinese gongfu tea ceremony is an excellent example. The ability of the various artisans to craft the most beauti...

Tea Sets - A Guide

Tea sets range in complexity from a mug or bowl through to tea sets  consisting of dozens or even hundreds of pieces. The 'father' or Sage of tea Lu Yu, detailed in 'The Classic of Tea' known as the 'Cha Jing', a collection of over 20 inst...

Tea Trays

Chinese tea trays are a central point in many Chinese homes and the centre for formal and informal tea ceremonies. Much as in the West we offer visitors a cup of tea or coffee, the same is true for many Chinese. People...


Teapots have become a fundamental part of tea ware around the world. It is believed the oldest tea pots were Chinese liquor decanters which had been part of the culture for many centuries. The material used for tea pot production is diverse reflect...

GaiWan - What is a GaiWan?

The Gaiwan is a traditional tea ware used widely throughout China. There are primarily two common ways that the traditional Chinese gaiwan is used, firstly as a lidded tea cup in which the tea is brewed and drunk, and secondly as a tea brewing vess...

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