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PuErh Tea

PuErh Tea

Pu Er Tea (PuErh) represents a very different style of tea. Improving with age, Pu Er tea comes in two distinct types; Sheng Pu Er and Shu Pu Er otherwise known as Shou Pu Er.

For many new drinkers, Pu Er can often be a love it or hate it drink. Given a chance however, it can be a very enchanting experience. For many Europeans used to red/black tea, Shu Pu Er is often a good introduction to Chinese teas, though it is worth noting that to a few some Pu Er's may seem to have a slightly mouldy taste! This first impression can often be avoided by drinking the latter infusions.

For people new to Pu Er as well those seasoned connoisseurs, Wan Ling Tea House selects a range of Pu Er teas from China's Yunnan province to meet the tastes of our customers.

Sections In PuErh Tea

Sheng Pu Er

Sheng Pu Er is translated as raw, green or rare Pu Er. This type benefits the most from ageing, changing from a very light liquor to an increasingly orange/golden liquor.

Shu Pu Er (Shou Pu Er)

The dry leaves of the Shou/Shu, cooked or ripe Pu Er are very much like 'black' or 'red' tea, being of a dark nature. Once prepared, Shu Pu Er can produce beautiful red liquors.

Loose PuEr & 50g packs

PuEr tea traditional comes arrange of forms including loose leaf, however the most popular form is as large compressed blocks in varying sizes and forms. In this PuEr tea section you will find 'San' or loose Pu Er, alongside cakes...

Complete cakes, blocks and other pu er forms

This section is aimed at those who like to buy Pu Er tea its complete form, whether that is a zhuan, qi zi bing or other compressed form. Our limited edition, vintage and rarities you will only find here or in the relevant Sheng Pu Er or Shu Pu Er se...

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