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Giving Back

Fair Trade has become a buzz word for many businesses. Companies can now be certified to 'prove' their Fair Trade principles.

Our view is that Fair Trade is something more fundamental. Fair Trade is an open and mutual agreement between people. Furthermore, being fair can take many forms. Wan Ling Tea House believes that being fair should be as much about how we each deal with one another and our impact on the wider environment, whether that be nature or communities.

As part of our beliefs, we aim to share a little with a number of different projects either directly as an organisation or as individuals.

Some of the projects we support include global organisations and local schemes. Although we are only small, hopefully this support brings some real benefit beyond the fair trading of our teas with tea farmers and artisans.

Current and past projects and charities;

Just Giving

Improve Educational Equity in Rural China
Homeland Education was established in 2004 to help poor kids in rural China to continue their basic education. It has made difference to over 13000 student years, and we currently support about 1400 poor students a year (from elementary school to college) .

Pre-school future for rural children (Yunnan)

Free Cleft Surgery for 600 Poor Chinese Children

Child heart disease project in Yunnan Province - The China California Heart Watch

Various projects focused on China and where possible provinces where we source our tea.

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Focused on safe guarding, developing and managing Dorset's natural surroundings


World Wildlife Fund

Global focus and very active in both China and India. WWF have a wide remit to protect nature in it's many forms, whilst increasingly looking at how we as humans interact with our living environment.

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