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Tea Production

Ever wondered how tea is produced?

In our tea production section we look at tea manufacturing in different regions and for different tea types. 

We hope these sections help you further understand how and why different types of tea can vary so much in flavour, taste, appearance and aroma.

Sections In Tea Production

Raw Sheng Puer Production

Both Raw and Ripe Puerh tea originate from the same basic finished leaf known as mao cha (毛茶). Here we look at how the raw sheng puer mao cha is produced. The bulk mao cha, is simply processed using tea leaf plucked from 'big l...

Shu Puer Production

Although both originating from Yunnan province, both Sheng PuEr Tea (生普洱茶) and Shu PuEr Tea (熟普洱茶) are distinctly different in appearance and taste. This arises primarily from the unique proce...

Tie Guan Yin Production

The Oolong varietal Tie Guan Yin originates from AnXi county, FuJian province, Southern China. Tie Guan Yin is today divided into three distinct types: Shu Xiang Tan Bei (熟香碳), Nong Xiang (浓香) and Qing Xiang (...

White Tea Production

The basic principle of white tea production is very simple: gradual and sustained dehydration (withering) followed by baking or drying. Withering Withering is the critical stage of white tea production. In other words, the main qualities that m...

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