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Feedback & Reviews

Wan Ling Tea House have lots of very happy and regular customers. Here you can read some of their comments and feedback about us and our products.

What customers say about Wan Ling Tea House

Dear Rebecca,
I approve of recycling!!!
Thank you for the extra Anji Golden leaf, it is lovely. I can't believe that lovely tea like yours should ever have a 'sell by date'. The teas that I brought back from my wonderful visit to China - many parts of China on a private visit over three weeks - are beginning to run out so you will be hearing more from me in the future.
I am most grateful for your extra and more personal attention which is one of the reasons why I only buy from Wan Ling Tea House.
Keep up the great work.
With very grateful thanks,
Len (UK)

Many thanks on the excellent packaging of my teapot which was safe and sound in its beautiful box and pouch, I absolutely love it, who'd ever think I'd refer to a teapot as being 'charming' or 'cute'.
Mark (UK)

"I really think you're a great UK vendor. In fact I'm an active member on the forums and have been recommending you left right and centre."
Alex (UK)

"Many thanks-real service!"
Cris M. (UK)

"No worries, I really like the friendliness and openness of your client service.
It is heart warming.
Thank you for the refund!"

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order. May I take this opportunity to say how pleased I am with the order.
The picture on the web doesn't do the mug justice, It is beautiful and great care has been taken to pack it safely.
I will recommend you to all.
Many thanks,
Samantha H. - Dec 2012

"Today I received my order, many thanks for your punctuality. May ask you to suggest me the best way for tasting these kinds of tea?"
BR Antimo (Italy)

"Hi. Just got our order. Thank you very much! We are very happy with your teas. Thank you also for the sample Jiu Jiu Jiu. I had wanted to order some but you had sold out of the spring one. Thanks again!"
Shayne and Anita (Australia)

"I just received my tea order. Fantastic service! I was not expecting it so quick. I am enjoying a brew of the 'Hong Xin Te Chun' as I write this. Excellent flavour. I drink a lot of Tie Guan Yin and this is the best I have ever tried. Love the presentation box too. I am very pleased with my order."
Malcolm (UK)

"Thank you so much for processing my order so quickly and efficiently. I am really pleased with my purchases which are a Christmas present for my son in law. Thank you Clare for delivering the order and the follow up phone call which was most appreciated. Excellent customer service all round!"
John (Dorset, UK)

"As always, thanks for an amazingly quick response!"
Richard (Switzerland / UK)

"Another surprise for me - Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea! Very unusual tea leaves, the taste is sweet and delicate - every one in my family loves it. I hope it is not sold out yet and you could spare for me 100g for my next order?"

"Hi Clare, I just wanted to say thanks for getting back to me, I was very impatient to get my first order! My order arrived this afternoon and I have already made good use of my Gaiwan and Mao Feng tea. Thanks for the excellent service, I shall be ordering again soon."

"Many thanks for your email and your kind offer. I would greatly want to sample some puerh (preferably some sheng, though I would not mind some shu either). Again, many thanks for your generosity."

Thank you for the sample of HongXin TeChun. I am enjoying it. I also want to thank you for the individualized service that you provide. I appreciate it and it keeps me buying my tea from you."


"Dear Rebecca,
Today your parcel arrived and it was a treat to open it, thank you for packing the gaiwan in such a lovely box, it arrived undamaged and the box will keep it safe for the future. Also thank you for the tea samples which was very kind of you too."
L. B. UK


Tea Reviews

We always love to hear what our customers think about our teas and often get some great reviews. Most of our teas are seasonal and their flavours can change a little from season to season and year to year. Because of this a review of a tea from last year may not represent the same tea now but it gives you a good idea. Below you can find some reviews of past teas.

Jasmine Green Tea Pearls Grade AA
I have been looking for a UK source of good jasmine pearls ever since my husband was given some as a gift when working in Hong Kong. I have never found anything as good in uk - have tried several different suppliers. This tea is actually better than the tea he brought back. It has a beautifully clear taste with no bitterness and the aroma is amazing. I am no sort of tea expert but this tea is wonderful. Am now going to try the A grade as the only downside to this tea is that it is a little expensive if you drink a lot of tea like I do. Worth it though!
Anonymous - April 2013

Zheng Wei Guan Yin - Autumn 2012
"The Tie Guan Yin Zheng Wei (Autumn 2012) is amazing! A blossom in the gaiwan and a fruity taste in the mouth! Great! The best Tie Guan Yin that I've tried at the moment!"
Luca F. - Spring 2013

Sheng PuEr Qi Zi Bing 'Hei Cha Zi' - 2007 (Complete cake)
Good tea for good times...
Aleksandr S.

CanSai JiPin GuanYin Wang - Autumn 2012
Hi Clare It arrived last week but I was away. I have had a chance to sample it this morning and will certainly be ordering some more. It is an exceptional tea, thank you all so very much.
Best wishes,
Adam - UK

HuangYa Yellow Tea - 2012
"I increase steeping time and water temperature and it seems to get better with every infusion. Just drinking the third infusion and I think that I will go for another one. Though it is almost 2 years old (spring 2010 - Jan. 2012) it is so sweet and refreshing, I really enjoy drinking it and the smell of wet leaves is beautiful. I'm not a tea expert but would say that wet leaves smell like honey and taste is mixed, light grassy and somehow nutty but very sweet and refreshing. Another excellent tea."
Miro P.

Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade A
Best ever! This is the most delightfully fragrant jasmine tea I have ever had. You could use it to perfume your house.
Robert P.

Mao Feng Green Tea 'TeJi' - 2011
"Light, sweet and refreshing. The dry leaf smells grassy and is a light olive colour. It is almost flat and looks great. The wet leaf smells meaty but retains the light olive colour. It looks fantastic suspended in my glass teapot. The liquor is almost clear. For all the colour it has, it might be plain water! But then the tasting proves this tea. It has a silky smooth mouth feel. It is light and refreshing. The meatiness of the wet leaf does not come through in the taste until the third steeping. Instead it is really light, sweet and a bit floral. All in all, this is a lovely, refreshing cuppa that is perfect for days when you need a light pick-me-up."
Roderick D.

Zheng Wei Guan Yin - Spring 2011
"I was very curious about this new fellow in Wan Ling' Tie Guan Yin lineup. As it was in its description, it is a classic Tie Guan Yin. It has an interesting flavour with strong classic character, touch of sour twist like blackthorn. As I saw it has lightly fermented leaves, that makes the classic TGY flavour more dominant. After few infusions, the leaves in the pot has a scent with a touch of tomato among the usual flower aroma.That is why I love the Tie Guan Yin's, each has a same base character, with unique diversions. The scent and a flavour reminds everyone something totally different things (flowers, forest, fruits, smoke etc.) what are definitely far from each other. I always wondering how a tea can contains such a tremendous feelings.The long lasting after taste makes it a deserved place in the Wan Ling's Tie Guan Yin lineup. Great pick."
Laszlo B.

Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin 2012
"This smells like dark leafy greens and marigolds! WOW! Intense Aroma! Impressive!
Upon first sip...

Ohhhh! Incredibly clean - squeaky! Certainly a greenish-oolong! Near Buttery! Sweet! It's like a cross between a Red Bell Pepper kind of sweet and a sweet corn sweet.

The lovely smooth-sweet combo warming and friendly."
TeaEqualsBliss via Steepster 22-6-2012

Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin 2013

"Jiu Jiu Jiu is very fun to say, that is my reason for buying this tea. Not as intelligent a reason as I would like but it's as good an answer as any.

The tea consists of dark green and light green leaves rolled into medium sized loose squiggles and balls. They have a pungent mineral green scent mixed with sweet flowers.

In flavour this is floral, buttery, sweet and vegetal in a delicate/mild package. To be precise I taste notes of fresh spinach, dandelion petals, honeysuckle and seaweed. There is a hint of dryness in the after taste.

A very light and tasty Jiu Jiu Jiu that would be great to use with my yixing flask when I go on walks and day trips. Would also perhaps be something that I would re-purchase."

KittyLovesTea via Steepster 23-10-2013

Tie Luo Han WuYi Oolong Tea

"Overall - This is a very nice Oolong that offers the multitude of flavours that a mature, heavily roasted Oolong has but without the heaviness. It's on the lighter side of being heavily roasted I should say. I really like that though, sometimes a full on heavy roast is just too much. The flavours remained consistent and I'm very happy with the quality and drinking experience.

This is something I would seriously consider purchasing when I finish my other heavily oxidized Oolongs.

Editor' note: This is an extract from a longer review that is on Steepster.

KittyLovesTea via Steepster 23-10-2013

2004 Aged White Tea - Bai Mu Dan

"I can't tell if I'm picking up slight plum notes or slight apricot notes...perhaps both! Regardless this is very VERY good! It's sweet! It's a bit fruity! It's incredible clean and crisp! There are sweet-floral notes yet it's smooth! It's REALLY lovely! The more I sip - the more I LOVE it! YUP! This is pretty amazing!".

TeaEqualsBliss via Steepster 23-10-2013

Exceptional quality... - CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang Autumn 2011 (Competition Grade Tie Guan Yin)

"I have reserved this Tie Guan Yin for special events, since it is a unique balance of the fresh and smokey fragrance with a characterized taste. It deserves 8-10 infusions.

We used to enjoy it with my fellows at yiwutang on special events like after a successful exam or after an exhaustive lion dance session. Anyhow, the gongfu tea has close connection to the gongfu in martial arts, since both are rooted on chinese traditions.

This king size oolong reminds me for the taiwan oolongs like Dong Ding.Great value.".

Lazlo 2013

Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade A
Very, very fine tea. Recommended.
Zoltan - Hungary

Premium Autumn Tie Guan Yin Tea Taster

I had no idea that this collection would come in such beautiful packaging. It is really a gift collection of the highest standard. The teas are a superb introduction to the best quality teas from this region, and are packed in small amounts so that you can open one pack for each type of tea, as and when necessary, rather than keep various packs open all the time. I would suggest that it would make a wonderful gift for Christmas for someone special, and such fun.

Stephen Wilson

Bai Mu Dan GuanYin Spring 2013

I have received this tea as a part of Spring 2013 sampler pack. It is a great everyday tea and I can even say that for the price it is even amazing. It is not overly complex nor it will stand 10 steeps, but it will provide a pleasant and clean tea. Definitely recommended.

Dima from Israel

Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin Autumn 2013

Really enjoyed this one. Clean, refreshing and uplifting. Really bright flavour and invigorating aroma. Normally I prefer a more traditionally roasted oolong but as far as the greener varieties go this one was brilliant.

James W. UK

Jin Yao Shi WuYi Rock Tea (2012)

A wonderfully balanced tea for all occasions and a great introduction to rock-style oolongs. Deep, rich and full of character. Holds up to several steepings with a great body.

James W. UK

"The red bud tea is amazing" - Hong Xin Te Chun Guan Yin Wang

Hi James,

Just had my 2nd pack of the red bud tea, it is so amazing, the 2nd pack is as good as the first, I think it is like drinking angels, sorry about the hyper language!

It is great that the small packs are vacum sealed as I think this must preserve the special quality of the tea.  

Lisa UK - November 2016

"a great idea for getting people to discover this variety" - WuYi Rock Tea Taster Pack

The rock tea selection box is a great idea for getting people to discover this variety. And rock tea seems very Christmassy at least it seems to find that accord with my taste-buds (they might be a bit odd though) I can detect mint (so the evergreen part of Christmas), soapeyness (the home comfort feel of Christmas and winter really, it seems quite nice doing the dishes and keeping warm at this time of year - we all want a duvet day at this time of the year....), dried fruit (Christmas cake - we are finally coming to the end of the Christmas cake), fishyness (maybe that isn't that Christmassy), a stony/mineral aspect (the bleak midwinter with grey skies), smokeyness (incense burning, churches,home fires).

I think I might have to order some more rock tea in January!

Lisa UK - December 2016


Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin

Tasting Note: As an oolong lover, it's always exciting to see a high grade, single origin oolong in a subscription pack. And this really got me excited... I'm talking out loud squeal excited... I fell in love with the Wan Ling Tea House after tasting their AA Grade Jasmine Pearls, unrivalled quality btw, and the chance to try another of their quality teas just got me! Both taste and aroma are delicate with a predominant note of minerals and florals, the latter lingering in the finish, long after each sip.

Enjoyed: On a windy hike. Now that I live near the mountains, sipping a tea like this (even if from a flask) with the glacial breeze whipping around me, really served to heighten my sense to the terroir.

 Chelsea via Steepster & Taste The Tea Blog 2017


Xin Fa Complete Shu Puer Tea Cake
Incredibly clean ripe pu'er. Not the most complex flavour profile, but that's not the point. The expected earthy, licuorice, mineral taste without any hint of unpleasantness whatsoever. This can be brewed as strong as you like without even approaching bitterness. Provides a very wholesome, nourishing, grounding body sensation.
Mr. P Humphreys




Tea Ware Reviews

Many of our teapots and tea wares are also unique and as such when a customer writes a review, it can get removed from our site when that product has sold out. So to show off all your praise we've decided to list some past product reviews here too.

Glass TeaPot - 250ml
"Perfect little glass teapot. This is the nicest little glass teapot I've seen and another example of Wanling really picking great wares to sell. Its got a lovely squat shape and large opening. A nice non drip spout that's slightly angled inward. And just feels great in the hand. I bought this for my sister who broke hers which she'd had for years. Her old one was from a large UK tea supplier and this one is far nicer. Superb!!!"
Alex W - UK

Xi Shi Zi Sha Tea Pot - 'Ping Zi Ni' Mixed Purple Clay
Lovely little tea pot! This tea pot is really nice. It's small and compact and is made to a very high quality. Pours well and is a joy to use.

Yixing Teapot by Mrs Shen

A piece of art...

Superb tea pot. Perfect capacity for my tea brewing style. I use it for Pu-Erh tea only. Both types, Shu and Sheng. I think it would be as good for Oolong. Overall, it is a pleasure to hold and see it. Mrs. Shen thank you for the excellent, high quality YiXing teapot. James, thank you for the excellent addition.

Arthur L - UK

White GaiWan (small)
Nice small Gaiwan with a good fitting lid. This gaiwan is nice and small. The lid fits also good so this makes the pooring easy. Thin walls and pretty light.
Jasper H.

Blue tea mug set

This set comes beautifully packaged, and is most attractive and also functional. As the parts are dishwasher proof it is also easy to keep clean.

It would make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday present for someone special.

I am so glad that I purchased this.
Stephen W.

Double Walled Cup
Looks beautiful with tea in it, will also serve a single espresso shot. Double wall protects fingers from burning. The lip is a bit thick, but this is due to double wall design and no different from other similar cups. Excellent price!
Dima from Israel

Bian Deng YiXing Teapot - Lao Zhu Ni Aged Red Clay
Un grand MERCI pour la qualité de vos services et de vos produits. ?€ bientôt.

FangGu JianXian - Great Value Yixing Teapot
I bought two almost identical teapots from Wan LingTea House, this one by Mrs Shen from the standard Yixing selection and the other by Mr Ge from the Special Collection. They are the same size, shape and both made of Duan Ni. When I first unpacked them, I initially wondered why I had bothered to buy both, spending twice as much on one (Mr Ge's for Tie Guan Yin) than the other (Mrs Shen's for white tea). It didn't take long for me to be able to tell them apart by touch. I prefer the feel of the more expensive pot -- there is not much in it, but the balance is better, the texture feels more alive and the pour seems fractionally better. Following my experiment of buying both, I will probably purchase from the Special Collection in future: for me, the tactile aspect is part of the joy of preparing tea. Having said that, this less expensive pot makes a lovely cup of tea and offers undeniable value for money.
Rachel D. - UK

Fang Gu YiXing Teapot - Duan Ni white clay: Mr. Ge
I have well received the pot from Wan Ling. It took much less time than my thought. The teapot is so beautiful (much more than my expectation). The man craft is neat and find no even a little complaint. The color is more gorgeous than the picture (compare to several teapots I bought from other web). Well, I have not seasoned and brewed yet but just would like to thank James and Wan Ling Team for a kind assistance in advice and superb service. I made a right decision. Thanks a lot.
P Wachapatthana

HeHuan ZhuNi YiXing Teapot - Zhuni red clay: Mr. Ge
Hi James,
I have received the pot. Performed its ablution and using the pot right now. I really like it. A bit unusual form. Quite wide and vertically challenged but very comfortable to handle and use. I wish I have ordered it earlier. I know, it is self-delusion, but Pu-Erh tastes better 😌
Thank you.
Btw., you have thanked me for ordering it. I am sorry but I disagree. I am the one who is very grateful for providing this opportunity for me, to use the proper Chinese tea ware, along with the good quality Chinese tea.
Mr. Latman (UK)

Multiple YiXing Teapots

Date: 21 February 2016 at 11:43
Subject: Goods received

Hello Clare,
The Shen Deng teapot and Mang Fei tea arrived promptly on Saturday morning, so thank you for taking the trouble to ensure that this would happen.

I can't help feeling slightly nervous when buying Yixing pots from the internet, but my concerns have been allayed yet again by the quality of your products and the high standard of your service.

And now it's time for tea.

Best wishes,

Peter (UK)

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