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Wan Ling Tea House tea's compete in blind tastings by food and drink professionals with outstanding results.

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Great Taste Awards - Gold Winner 3 years in a row

Great Taste Awards 2021

For 2021 we entered two oolongs, our CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2020) and a new tea to the collection, our Mei Zhan Oolong Tea. Both teas received awards, the CanSai a one star and the Mei Zhan a two star.

The judges, commented of the Mei Zhan, "An attractive, twisted leaf. A gentle, delicate infusion with a pleasing flavour and sound sweetness, aromatic with very slight astringency on the finish. Characterful in its delicacy".

This year we ensured a more refined sorting, ensuring stalks were removed to provide a better appearance.The Mei Zhan is full of wonderful flavours and aromas and will only improve with age. We are very excited to add this tea to our collection and share it with others as although it is one of the famous Anxi Oolongs it is not widely know.



Great Taste Awards 2020

For 2020 we trialed our Mao Xie 'Hairy Crab' Oolong Tea, which is part of our new Anxi Oolong collection. We are pleased that the tea received an award, although a little disappointed it was only a one star. However, in reflection some of this was our own fault not aligning the tea properly with the judges expectations. For this bacth we had purposely not picked too many of the stalks from the finished leaf. The stalks, from a flavour point of view add some excellent depth and warmth to the flavour.

The judges, commented, "The leaf is tidy, a good black leaf but with some long stalk. Bright liquor with distinct flavours, alive and vibrant. Delicate character with some peachy, stone fruit notes".

In these competitions it is important that although the teas, can speak for themselves in someways, it impossible to provide any indepth background information, as such the judges have to use what they are given; the aroma, the appearance and the flavour. We highly recommend, any oolong lovers reading this that you take the time explore our oolong collection.



Great Taste Awards 2019

Great result again this year. We were pleased to enter two teas that we helped develop. Our old friend Charlie Xu from Anji has been looking to add value to his wonderful Anji 'Bai Cha'.

In 2018 he started to have some of his Bai Cha green tea hand rolled, this is a costly process both in terms of time and paying for the artisan to do this. At harvest the 'lao shifu', old masters are in high demand and unfortunately the younger generation are not so keen to learn these skills. The raw tea has to be transported to the master for processing. However, this extra rolling really delivers a significant change in the tea. Lots more flavour and aroma. For 2019 we convinced Charlie to get some of his 'Hong cha' rolled too, the results have been excellent.

We are very pleased to announce that the Great Taste Award judges thought so too! For 2019 the 'hong cha' Hong Xiang Luo Black Tea was awarded 2* and the Bai Xiang Luo Green Tea was awarded the top 3*.



Great Taste Awards 2018

For 2018 Wan Ling continued to promote more specialised teas. This year's entries were both 'Lao Cong' teas, one from WuYi Shan and the other from Anxi. Both teas were well received and took one star and two stars respectatively.

Old Bush Abandoned Garden Fujian Oolong Tea - 2 star. Judges commented, "Excellent on the nose, a fine tea, delicate and subtle, with good flavours on the finish alongside pleasing creaminess."

Old Bush WuYi Black Tea - 1 star. Judge's comments, "A well made tea, strong and smooth around the palate. ".



Golden Leaf Awards 2017 (Australia)

Golden Leaf Awards at the Australian International Tea Expo 2017

Back for 2017 the Australian Tea Expo again hosted the Golden Leaf Awards. This year even bigger and better, a great testament to the development of the Australian tea market.

Wan Ling Tea House is proud to announce that all of our teas received awards and out of the two major categories we entered, Oolong and Puer, we were awarded Gold. For 2017, we extended our entries to include our new organic silver needle white tea, which are pleased to annouce won Silver.

Gary Goodyer of Wan Ling Tea House Australia said, "Considering the increased competition this year from tea companies around and how many teas were submitted, these awards are a true testament to the Wan Ling Tea House team's outstanding tea selection abilities. These awards truely signal our goal of sourcing and sharing the best quality, exclusive tea to Australian and New Zealand tea lovers".

Wan Ling was very excited to receive the news of the awards. This year's entries covered teas from across her home province of Fujian, including white tea from the north, Bai Ya Qi Lan from the south and of course Tie Guan Yin from her home town of Anxi. Wan Ling said, "Speciality tea is becoming more and more widely understood around the world. These awards really show that Chinese teas are some of the best in the world and that the tea farmers really excel in their cultivation and production of different style teas. We look to sharing more tea with everyone. Well done to the Wan Ling Tea House Australia team for all their hard work and efforts and congratulations to all the other entrants".  

2017 Golden Leaf Award Entries

OG001 2017-5022 Cansai JiPin Yin Wan Autum 2015 - Gold

OG002 2017-7902 Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong - Gold

PH001 2017-8270 Lao Man Er Sheng Puer 2013 - Silver

PH002 2017-2500 Lao Man Er Shu Puer 2013 - Gold

W001 2017-5495 Organic Silver Needles - Silver

PH001 2017-8793 Ji Di Ancient tea tree Sheng Puer - Bronze

Golden Leaf Awards 2015 (Australia)

Australian International Tea Expo 2015


2015 saw the inaugural Australian Tea Expo being held in Geelong, Victoria.

Wan Ling Tea House is proud to announce that all of our teas received awards and out of the two major categories we entered, Oolong and Puer, we were awarded the top prize for each. Furthermore our Sheng and Shu Puerh teas won the individual speciality sub-categories too.

Gary Goodyer of Wan Ling Tea House Australia said, "The wins are a signal we are on the right track to achieve our goal of sourcing and sharing the best quality, exclusive tea".

Wan Ling was very excited to receive the news of the awards. Her home town Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea impressed the judges and received awards for the speciality sub-category for light Oolong tea, as well as the overall Oolong category. Wan Ling said, "it is fantastic news that our Fujian, Anxi Tie Guan Yin oolong tea has been acknowledged in Australia as an outstanding tea. From the growing, harvesting, production through to getting the tea to the customer, a lot of people put a lot of effort to making this simple leaf the best it can be. The Wan Ling Tea House team looks for bringing superb Chinese tea to more people in Australia over the coming years. A big thanks to the Wan Ling Tea House Australia team for all their hard work and efforts".


 Australian Tea Expo award winning tea - Ancient Tea tree shu puer teaAustralian Tea Expo Award Winning Tea - Wan Ling Tea House TieGuanYin Oolong tea









Great Taste Awards 2017

 2016 Qing Xiang Jiu Jiu Jiu '999' Guan Yin  2 stars.

We decided to enter our latest harvest of Qing Xiang Tie Guan Yin in the 2017 Great Taste Awards. As regualr customers know, Jiu Jiu Jiu is one of our most consistent and popular teas. Jiu Jiu Jiu is an excellent choice and offers superb value to oolong tea lovers. We are proud that this tea excelled again and was given a two star award, as was a previous vintage which received a two star award back in 2013.



Great Taste Awards 2016

Wan Ling Tea House continues to promote Chinese teas that may not be so familar to European tea lovers. This year, we entered the heavier baked Southern Fujian Oolong, Bai Ya Qi Lan, alongside a Laos grown big tree Sheng Puer. Pleased to announce both of these teas received awards, reconfirming the company's sourcing policy.

2013 Bai Ya Qi Lan Fujian Oolong 1 star

2014 Laos Sheng Puer- 1 star



Great Taste Awards 2015

For 2015 Wan Ling Tea House decided to enter slightly more unusual teas. The team were a little apprehensive about how the judges would take to these, however great tea shines through. We entered our Bulang Mountain cooked Shu Puer, the superb value JiDi raw Sheng Puer and the new to the Tie Guan Yin range, 'Nong Xiang' Zheng Chao Guan Yin.

The two puers received single star awards and the Tie Guan Yin caught the judge's attention, scooping a two star award. The judge's commented that the Nong Xiang style Tie Guan Yin had an, "Excellent leaf. There's a good baked quality here. There are light, gentle brassica notes alongside gentle sweetness. It's clean, rich and full flavoured".

We are quite intrigued to know how the judging for the Sheng Puer was completed and whether the judges knew exactly what the tea was. At present the Great Taste Awards only have loose leaf tea categories for green tea and single estate tea. Our Sheng Puer was entered as a green tea. The judge's comments were, "Beautiful leaf. A little high fired, but rather intriguing".

Wan Ling was pleased with the outcome saying, "It is great that we can enter more unusual teas such as the Puers and the quality of the teas are acknowledged. So much of our work is educational and giving people the chance to try different teas that they may not have had the chance to try before. We hope these awards help raise the profile of Puer tea and help introduce them to a whole new audience".

Overall it was another fantastic year for Wan Ling Tea House, yet again it was a full house. All three of our entries received awards.

Looking to 2016 we look forward to pushing the envelop even further.

Great Taste Awards 2014

Award winning Classic Roast Tie Guan Yin

Four years of success.

Champion Teas. Top three star awards four years in a row. We are proud to announce that our speciality loose leaf teas have distinguished themselves again at the 2014 Great Taste Awards.

For 2014 the Wan Ling Tea House team selected two distinctly different teas to enter to the awards, our large leafed Dian Hong Yunnan Gold Black tea and a classic style Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea. Both teas excelled in the judging.


For our Yunnan gold black tea, the judges commented, "Black leaf producing a clean liquor of interesting character: slightly smokey, a touch nutty, creamy yet with a pronounced astringency".

Wan Ling was especially pleased that her home region Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong secured another three star award. Wan Ling commented, "this year we decided to enter one of our traditional, classic style Tie Guan Yin teas. Although uncommon in the UK and Europe these teas are very popular in China. This tea is has been traditionally wood roasted to give it depth and warmth. The tea produces a deep yellow-golden liquor that is smooth on the tongue and almost honey like on the throat. We are so pleased that the judges enjoyed the tea and we are looking forward to a wider audience getting the chance to try this super style of Oolong tea from Eastern China".

With the seasonality of tea, each year's harvest produces significantly different outcomes. Wan Ling Tea House strives to select superb, small batch, single farm/mountain teas that capture the terroir of the local region. Maintaining this consistency year in year out involves dedication, time, travel, solid relationships and passion.

Wan Ling would like to thank the extended Wan Ling Tea House team and all the artisans that dedicate themselves to producing outstanding teas and tea wares. Together we look forward to bringing the world consistently top notch loose leaf teas.

Great Taste Awards 2013


Another great endorsement of our tea sourcing policy and of our tea artisans. 2013 has seen our very popular Grade A Jasmine Green Tea Pearls winning a three star award and also helping Wan Ling Tea House become nominated for one of the prestigious golden forks. As the cherry on top of the cake our best seller, Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin as received a two star award.

The competition in 2013 was even more intense. 405 judges tasted and sampled over 9700 products from more than 2100 producer. The judging was spread over nearly two months, with the final 125 three star winners being re-assessed in order to select the lucky winners of the sort after golden folks, the winners of which are to be announced in September 2013.

Judges comments on the award winning teas included, "An attractive liquor with some good colour. Well made. Delicate, sweet, light flavour with excellent length", for our Green Tea Jasmine Pearl and for our Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin, "Rounded lemon notes. Gentle citrus. Keeps going and lasting. A pretty, neat leaf".

Don't miss out, getting shopping today and try some of our award winning teas.

Great Taste Awards 2012

Great Taste Awards - Gold 3 Star 2012

Two years in a row

Following on from our tremendous 2011 showing at the Great Taste Awards, Wan Ling Tea House was back in 2012 for another successful year. From our three entries, we won three awards. Three out of Three!

Our competition grade Can Sai Ji Pin Guan Yin Wang lived up to it's name and secured a three star award. The superb AA grade Green Tea Jasmine Pearls were the only tea in the Great Taste Awards blended loose tea category to receive the prestigious three star award. Judges comments on the Jasmine Green Tea included, "Beautifully rolled, well made and manufactured. A clean, wonderful tea with gently peachy flavours."


The final of our three awards was for the rare 2004 aged Bai Mu Dan White tea. Scooping the one star award for this tea is especially rewarding as it is relative new comer to the Wan Ling Tea House collection and a tea that is not widely available.

Read some more including comments from both Wan Ling and James in our Great Taste Awards news article.

For 2012 competition was even stiffer, with 8,800 entries from over 2,500 companies. The two three star awards meant that Wan Ling Tea House succeeded in getting two products in the final 123!

Great Taste Awards 2011

Great Taste Awards - Specialist Importer of the year 2011

Wow, what a summer.

Great Taste Award three star winner - Hong Xin Te Chun Guan Yin Wang

In our first time entry to the Guild of Fine Food'sGreat Taste Awards not only did Wan Ling Tea House's Hong Xin Te Chun Guan Yin Wang win the top three star award, the judges were so impressed that we also scooped the Speciality Importer award too.

Great Taste Awards - Gold 3 Star 2011

The Guild of Fine Food and the Great Taste Awards are acknowledged as the UK's as the most trusted and recognised food and drink awards.

Great Taste Award Speciality Importer 2011 winner

For 2011, over 7400 products were judged over an intense two-month period. Before gold is awarded, a minimum of twelve experts, often 16, taste, discuss and agree. For two- or three-stars, up to 20 judges must unanimously agree an entry has achieved absolute perfection. Over 350 experts including key buyers, retailers, chefs and food writers blind tasted entries to ensure they are fairly and independently assessed. Every entry starts with 25 points and marks are deducted when faults are identified

Tie Gaun Yin Oolong

It is a great achievement and goes some way to acknowledge the hard work that so many people have put in to help us build our dream and select the superb teas we stock. The selection process means that teas must meet a complex mix of criteria so we can bring excellent teas to our customers at price that is right, whilst supporting the artisan farmers and estates who in turn support entire communities. A big thank you the extended Wan Ling Tea House team and everyone else that has played a part.

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Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong Tea (Spring 2018)

Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong Tea (Spring 2018)

Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong Tea. Classic southern Fujian Oolong Tea.

Weight:75g Price£22.00
New Product

CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015)

CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015)

The best Tie Guan Yin. Guan Ying Wang Competition grade Tie Guan Yin - Premium quality, limited availability.

Weight:56g Price£68.00
Best Seller

Lao Man E Sheng Puer - 2013 200g cake

Lao Man E Sheng Puer - 2013 200g cake

Ancient tree raw puer tea, rich and smooth with a long aftertaste. A valuable addition to your Puer tea collection.

Weight:200g Price£80.00

Lao Man E Shu Puer - 2013 200g cake

Lao Man E Shu Puer - 2013 200g cake

Lao Man E ancient tree shu puer tea - Wan Ling Tea House exclusive label. Perfect for the Puer tea lover!

Weight:200g Price£80.00
Best Seller

Ji Di Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2014 (Complete Cake)

Ji Di Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2014 (Complete Cake)

Incredible value puer Ancient tea tree sheng puer. Excellent quality raw puer at an affordable price.

Weight:357g Price£65.00
Best Seller

Traditional TieGuanYin - Heavy Roast (2013)

Traditional TieGuanYin - Heavy Roast (2013)

Traditional style Tie Guan Yin Oolong tea. Produced by tea farmers using traditional methods including a wood charcoal bake.

Weight:50g Price£14.00
Best Seller

Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade A (100g)

Jasmine Tea Pearls Grade A (100g)

Finest Jasmine Green Tea Pearls (Xiao long zhu)

Weight:100g Price£26.00
Best Seller

Bai Mu Dan Aged White Tea 2004 - 357g

Bai Mu Dan Aged White Tea 2004 - 357g

Bai Mu Dan or Pai Mu Tan is a classic white tea. This vintage white tea has been compressed into round tea cakes for ageing.

Weight:357g Price£280.00
Best Seller

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