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Tea Cups

Tea Cups

Tea Cups and Tea Bowls are an intricate part of the tea experience. A simple, plain white tea bowl can allow you to fully appreciate an individual tea's flavour and colour. Such a cup or bowl is perfect when you are comparing many teas. Often your mood goes beyond this, looking for a more complete experience that encompasses multiple elements, senses, skills and love of various artisans.

Wan Ling Tea House aims to source a range of hand made tea cups and tea bowls that we hope capture different essences of creativity, from very precise, regular shaped, fine porcelain to lovingly prepared, cups and bowls that capture uniqueness and variation of nature and mood in their shape and glazes.

Whether it is a tea cup that reminds you of a special moment in time or the shape that conjures up a sense of well being or contentment we hope that you'll find a trusty tea 'friend' here.

If you have any questions, requests or would like some advice please contact us.

Sections In Tea Cups

Chinese Tea Cups & Bowls

The Long-Quan kilns in Zhe-Jiang province, have been producing much sought after ceramics since the early part of BEI-SONG (Northern Song 960-1127AD) period. It was during the NAN-SONG (Southern Song 1127-1279AD) period that the kilns reached a mos...

Jing De Zhen Cups

Wan Ling is proud to stock the exquisitely crafted ceramics which are the trade mark of Jing De Zhen. Truly capturing the concept of Gong Fu, these skilled artisans learn from a young age how to control the elements of earth, air, fire and water to...

Ian Gregory Chinese Tea Cups

Ian Gregory presents a range of custom made ceramics Chinese tea bowls exclusively for Wan Ling Tea House. Dorset based ceramic artist Ian Gregory is world renowned for his innovative sculptures and glazes. Handmade Chinese tea cups an...

Tea Mugs

Chinese Tea Mugs or Chinese Tea Infuser Mugs are the perfect solution for those looking for a simple, practical and beautiful way to enjoy their favourite loose leaf teas. Convenient and available to buy in different designs...

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