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Dorset Charcoal Company

Dorset Charcoal Company

Dorset Charcoal Company run by Jim Beattle based in Hazelbury Bryan has a friend of Wan Ling Tea House for many years via cricket and later on through involvement in the Festival of Bryan, which he and a team of dedicated locals organise.

Jim's work bring in to use some of the coppice woods that have been unmanaged for decades. Coppicing is an important land management method that creates a diverse habit for a mix of plants, insects, birds and mammals. In the past has been an important countryside craft that has generated an income for local, rural workers.

Furthermore, British charcoal makes sense. Did you know that over 90% of all charcoal consumed in UK comes from overseas? In a true case of the failure of world trade, British consumed charcoal come predominantly from the endangered tropical rainforest and mangrove habitats of South America, West Africa and South East Asia. This case is true in many parts of Europe too.

Buy local where you can. Support local, rural industries wherever they are in the world. The countryside needs to be productive for it's own security.

Learn more about the Dorset Charcoal Company, British charcoal, coppicing and more on Jim's website - Dorset Charcoal Company.

The site also contains information on countryside courses such as charcoal burning, coppicing, hedge laying and more.

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