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Jamie Hart

Jamie Hart

Tea art, can mean so much. Inspired by human form and the essence of nature that that Dorset, UK is blessed with, Jamie reveals the inherent quality of wood as a raw material. Harnessing  waste and commercially unworkable wood to make his pieces, Jamie is able to embrace structural form and organic growth to show the stresses and balance that wood needs to maintain its life in the environment as a tree or something else.

Jamie Hart has supported Wan Ling Tea House providing his sometimes provocative contemporary figurative and fluid abstract forms at our various events. The human body, landscapes, trees are all natural forms, each is different, with their own distinctive marks and characteristics. Shaped by time and environment. Jamie's work fuses these elements and captures an essence that is preserved, all-be-it temporarily in the highly tactile, warm, organic material that is wood.   

We hope you take the opportunity to visit Jamie Hart's website and discover more about this wonderful wood sculpture artist. Have a tree you want to give a second life to? Why not commission him to turn that fallen bow in to a piece of art you an enjoy? Support Artisans worldwide. Buy Dorset.

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