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PuEr Tea Information

PuEr Tea Information

PuEr or PuErh, is a unique type of tea which traditionally comes from the YunNan province in Southern China. PuEr differs from Green, Oolong and Black teas due to the length, complexity and the number of process used in its production.

Like Oolong and Black teas (known in Chinese as red tea), PuEr is fermented or oxidised, however after the heating process that halts the traditional tea making oxidisation/fermentation process, PuEr enters into secondary phase or post fermentation.

Traditionally Chinese class PuEr tea as a black tea 'Hei Cha' 黑茶. Due to the range and diversity of Puerh tea, Wan Ling Tea House has given it's own classification here. It is important to note that the Chinese classification of black tea is very different to that in the west, hence, Hei Cha is usually now referred to as Dark Tea to avoid confusion.

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PuErh Storage

Sheng PuErh can be kept for more than hundred years whereas Shu PuErh is deemed to be at it best between ten and twenty years old depending on quality. These can be kept longer but experts feel that most teas doesn't continue to improve after this ...

PuErh Tea Types

What is puer tea? PuEr has two distinct categories, Sheng 生 & Shu 熟 (Shou) PuEr. Sheng PuEr translated means raw or green PuEr, whereas shu/shou can be translated as cooked or ripe. Due to it's leaf colour sometime people refer to...

PuErh Tea History

PuErh tea has evolved over time, meeting the needs of disparate ethic groups who have treasured PuErh tea's ability to refresh, nourish, warm and invigorate. Prior, and throughout the Qing Dynasty, the bulk of production was by individual...

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