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Tie Guan Yin Taster

Tie Guan Yin Taster
Tie Guan Yin Taster Tie Guan Yin Taster Tie Guan Yin Taster

Tie Guan Yin taster comprising of 2 x 8g of Bai Mu Dan GuanYin and Jiu Jiu Jiu Guan Yin from our TieGuanYin QingXiang, light and fragrant, Jade Oolong collection.

4 x 8g - Tie Guan Yin Taster - The ideal way to sample our selection of Tie Guan Yin Oolong Teas.


Price £6.00

Product Details

Year and season of Harvest:   Various

Description of packaging:   Vaccum packed 8g individually packed

Product weight:   4 x 8g

Region:   AnXi, FuJian, China

Alternative Names:   Ti Kuan Yin, Tie Kuan Yin, TieGuanYin, AnXi Tie Guan Yin

Basic Brewing Information

Recommended brewing stye: Gaiwan or YiXing Teapot

Vessel Capacity:
150 - 200ml
Tea Quantity: 8g (loose leaf)
Water Temperature: 95 - 98c
People / Servings: 4

Instructions: Rinse the tea with a little hot water and then discard it. Next refill the tea pot and follow the infusion times below. For a 120ml Gai Wan you can either keep back 1-2g or add all the leaf. If you add all the leaf, you may want to revise the brewing times slightly (downward) to allow for the fuller flavour. Please note using a Zi Sha teapot times should be revised downward to allow for time for the liquor to pour from the tea pot.

Infusion Times (in seconds):
1st. 30
2nd. 30
3rd. 40
4th. 50
5th. 70
6th. 90
7th. 120

Visit our Tea Brewing Guide for more steeping times and alternative brewing styles.

Our Making Tea Guide includes step by step processes for making tea with a gaiwan, Yixing teapot and more.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Wanting to learn more about AnXi Tie Guan Yin? Our tea facts pages contain a wealth of tea information;
AnXi Tea Facts and Fujian Tea Information
Tea making guide - A look at using a Chinese Gaiwan to brew Chinese tea

Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 5

Robert Page, Rated this as: 5

The classic taste...

Want a great introduction to the delights of Tie Guan Yin? This is it. The autumn 2011 teas here are particularly fine. It must have been a good year despite the gloomy start.

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