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Nan Nuo Mountain Sheng Pu Er - 2007 (Complete Cake)

Nan Nuo Mountain Sheng Pu Er - 2007 (Complete Cake)
Nan Nuo Mountain Sheng Pu Er - 2007 (Complete Cake) Nan Nuo Mountain Sheng Pu Er - 2007 (Complete Cake)

This exotic tea is produced from ancient, wild tea trees in the Xi Shuang Ban Na region of Yunnan. It has taken a number of years for Wan Ling to find a source of unadulterated large leaf tea that she is satisfied with. This tea now makes up part of her personal collection. A limited amount of these Qi Zi Bing will be released each year.

Although a young tea, the appearance and aroma of the cake combined with very pleasurable current liquor you'll know that this is delightful tea to enjoy now, with the potential to become a rare classic.

2010 Update;
Maturing well. Some of the 'cr�me' & straw flavours have become more subtle. Very smooth.

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Product Details

Year and season of Harvest:   2007

Product weight:   357g

Region:   Yunnan, South West, China

Basic Brewing Information

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Tea Benefits

Puerh Tea Facts
Yunnan Tea Facts - A guide to the home of Puerh tea

Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 5

James Grayland, Rated this as: 5

Nan Nuo Mountain Sheng Pu Er - 2007...

Originally posted by KittyLovesTea on Steepster 13-9-2013:

Rated 93 out of 100.

First Steep – 30 seconds

Colour is light yellow with a slightly sweet wooden aroma. Flavour is very mellow with highs of honey, wood and clay. Very mild for a first steep.
Second Steep – 1 minute

Wonderfully smooth keeping it’s honey and wooden tones. It’s also developing a mild fruity prune like flavour. The bottom of the bowl has a light floral touch.

Third Steep – 2 minutes

As it strengthens both the honey and the wooden tones become stronger which softens the teas flavours as a whole. Incredibly smooth and non astringent. A little dry and musky in the after taste.

Fourth Steep – 3 minutes

The colour is darker in colour now and more yellow than the first steep. Not as mellow as the previous steeps and the clay has grown to an almost tang but it softens in the after taste very quickly. Still sweet though not honey like, more floral sweet and nutty like peony.

Fifth Steep – 4 minutes

More wooden now but still with plenty of flavour. More leathered now than wooden as it’s slowly getting darker in flavour but remains balanced with the wonderful sweet peony tone. Still very smooth and mellow.

Additional – Sixth Steep – 5 minutes

Toned down somewhat from the last steep but still a lovely mellow drink. This bowl has leather, wood, musk and toned down peony. It’s not nearly as sweet as the first few steeps, although you could argue that I’m just used to the sweetness by now which is why I don’t notice it as much.

Additional – Seventh Steep – 6 minutes

Very peony like and dry but still with very little astringency. For me I would say this is the last steep. If you liked your tea subtle and mild then it would be suitable to carry on but for my personal tastes this is the perfect place to stop.

Overall this Pu Erh has remained beautifully mellow and featured virtually no astringency at all. Definitely one of the softer Pu Erh that I have tried but even as soft as it was there was enough flavour to be very relaxing and pleasing. Also this tea kept it’s flavour over many steeps.

For pictures and more information please view my blog.

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