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Ginseng Oolong - Ren Shen Oolong

Ginseng Oolong - Ren Shen Oolong

Ginseng oolong has a unique flavour and sensation. Difficult describe, however the combination of these two classic Chinese medicinal plants makes for tasty drink and one that will leave you 'tingling'. Tight pellets of light to medium oxidised oolong is coated in ginseng which when prepared gives a rich golden/yellow with a hint of green liquor.


An interesting tea to mix with other herbs and flower tisanes. Our suggestion is to add mint for a real get up and go refresher.


A new tea in 2009 Ginseng Oolong was requested by a number of customers and has been a popular favourite for many since. We hope our Ginseng Oolong finds a place in your teapot.

Price £8.00

Product Details

Quantity Discount
3 - 10 5.00%
11 - 20 10.00%
21 - 40 15.00%

Year and season of Harvest:   2017

Description of packaging:   Resealable pouch

Product weight:   125g

Additional Information:   New 125g packaging as of November 2017

Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 5

Laszlo Bodor, Rated this as: 5

Energy for the cold, misty winter days...

I really enjoy this ginseng oolong. This is a special one among I had tried already, because of its high ginseng content.

It takes 8-10 infusions at least. Great tea for regenerating the body in misty days. I used to have this in winter. The first couple of infusions have intensive ginseng taste, and the more infusions takes the more mild and sweet taste.

It is because the time passing, the oolong's taste getting dominant.

Excellent combination, and good fellow for getting back your slowly leaking energy in winter time.

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