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TianGua YiXing ZiSha Teapot

TianGua YiXing ZiSha Teapot

Tiangua YiXing teapot. 160ml Chinese Gongfu teapot made by Mrs Shen.

A great value, simply design yixing teapot made with the very versatile ZiNi purple clay. Ideal starter teapot or a great addition to a collection.

We have been working with Mrs Shen and Mr Ge for around a decade now. This family business produce great wares. Very practical to use, made from quality materials, careful crafted and are ideal for the tea lover. We are very pleased to add this new style to the Wan Ling Tea House collection. The Sweet Melon or Sweet Squash 甜瓜 is ideal for a range of different teas.

Not sure which YiXing teapot to select, looking for some advice on how to select an ideal YiXing teapot for your needs? Contact us or visit our tea shop FAQ page

Price £50.00

New Product

Product Details

Capacity:   160ml

Length:   118mm

Height:   85mm / excluding lid 56mm

Diameter:   44mm

Pouring Time:   16 seconds (from full)

Description of packaging:   Gift Boxed

Factory:   Half Handmade by Mrs. Shen (ban shou gong 半手工)

Region:   YiXing, JiangSu, China.

Alternative Names:   I-hsing, yixing teapot, zisha teapot

Additional Information:   Sourced direct

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

YiXing ZiSha Tea Facts Information

Our Tea Facts sections contain a wealth of information, including an extensive look atYiXing ZiSha Teapots, from the history of ZiSha tea ware to popular YiXing teapot shapes and much more. Interested to know where YiXing is located in China? Then our Tea Regions China Tea Facts will offer an insight.


Our YiXing Teapot Preparation and Care page will give you a valuable insight in how to get the best from your ZiSha teapot from new and in the long term.

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