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Bai Mu Dan Aged White Tea 2004 - 50g

Bai Mu Dan Aged White Tea 2004 - 50g
Bai Mu Dan Aged White Tea 2004 - 50g Bai Mu Dan Aged White Tea 2004 - 50g

Bai Mu Dan or Pai Mu Tan is a classic white tea from FuDing in FuJian province. This 2004 Bai Mu Dan aged white tea was pressed into 357g tea cakes in 2010. The aim to preserve the leaf during storage and prevent damage during transportation. To allow a wider audience to appreciate this delightful tea, we have openned some cakes from our collection. This is your chance to try a genuine aged white tea in a convenient 50g pack.

This white tea, is absolutely stunning. Combines the delicate, smooth body of fresh white tea with a full, complex body that develops with ageing. The taste is complemented by a clear, bright liquor and enchanting aromas. 

Ideal to drink now or for further ageing.

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Year and season of Harvest:   2004

Product weight:   50g

Factory:   Wan Ling Tea House custom label.

Region:   FuDing, FuJian, China

Alternative Names:   PaiMuTan / Pai Mu Dan, BaiMuDan / Bai Mu Dan, white tea

Additional Information:   Compressed into tea cakes in 2010

Basic Brewing Information

Unlike, Bai Hao Yin Zhen and other pure tip teas, BaiMuDan white tea should prepared with boiling water. For best results brew with a GaiWan.

Vessel Capacity: 150 - 200ml
Tea Quantity: 5 - 7g (loose leaf)
Instructions: Rinse and add water. Refill as needed.

Infusion Times (in seconds):
1st. 45
2nd. 60
3rd. 90

Tea Tasting Notes

Tea Appearance: Mix of large leaf and fine white/silver tips.

Tea Liquor: This white tea liquor goes through a spectrum of colours during it's many brews. Starting a warm golden colour, by the 3rd and 4th infusions it is a dark red-amber, latter infusions the tea returns to it's warm golden colour. Throughout the tea is clear and bright.

Tea Aroma: Complex and multi-layered. Sweet, with hints of honey, Chinese medicine, flowers and sometimes a hint of soft dark sugar.

Tea Taste: The aromas of this tea share striking similarities with the taste. A multi-layered experience, which has an unparalleled ability to balance delicate and light with depth and lingering flavours. Has to be tried to be believed. 

Tea Benefits

  • A delicious source of antioxidants such as polyphenols
  • Boost hydration and reputed to be beneficial to healthy skin for a glowing complexion
  • Promotes detoxification and assists the bodies natural immune system
  • Natural antiseptic properties can assist oral hygiene to help give healthy teeth

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