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Gao Shan Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2016 (Complete Cake)

Gao Shan Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2016 (Complete Cake)
Gao Shan Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2016 (Complete Cake) Gao Shan Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2016 (Complete Cake) Gao Shan Ancient Tea Tree Sheng Puer 2016 (Complete Cake)

Unblended, single source, ancient tea tree raw Puer tea from the famous YiWu region of Yunnan. This autumn harvest raw Sheng Puer tea is a great example of the delicate and nuanced teas of YiWu.

YiWu for many, especially Taiwanese, is the benchmark for Puer teas. This tea cake has been pressed in to 200g cakes for convenience and hopefully allow more of our customers have the chance of buying complete cakes for their collection. We have wrapped the tea in a simple, hand made, white paper with a single stamp 'Gao Shan 高山'.

A super single source tea. Explore the world of Puer tea. 

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Year and season of Harvest:   Autumn 2016

Recommended Best Before Date:   2066

Expiry Date / Use By:   2116 (depending on storage)

Description of packaging:   Hand made plain white paper

Product weight:   200g

Factory:   Farmer direct

Region:   GaoShan, YiWu, YunNan, China

Alternative Names:   Sheng Puer, uncooked puer, raw puer, sheng puerh, ancient tree puer

Additional Information:   Five 200g cake per bamboo tong

Basic Brewing Information

Visit our online brewing guide for suggestions and tips about how to get the most from your Sheng Puerh tea. Brewing Sheng Puer Tea Guide.

Tea Tasting Notes

Tea Appearance: Colors include soft browns, pale olive greens, and light silver

Tea Liquor: A bright pale yellow liquor

Tea Aroma: Subtle aromas of woodland and meadows

Tea Taste: Delicate, with complex favours that are well balanced. Sweet, with hints of flower and bark.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Puerh Tea Facts

Yunnan Tea Facts - A guide to the home of Puerh tea

Tea articles - Ancient Tea Tree Puerh Tea - An introduction




Location: Mengla County,
Villages: Gua feng, Ma hei, Luo Shui Dong
Altitudes: up to 1200m

Despite being located on the very fringes of China's border with Laos, Yiwu is the cultural heart of the Classic Six Famous Tea mountains.

During the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, Yiwu became the focal point for tea cultivation and tea trading, after benefitting from the disruption to the tea trade in Yibang caused by political turmoil and disease.From its proximity to Laos, Yiwu's rising prominence was further enhanced by the flourishing of tea trade with South-East Asia. Once it had taken over the responsibility of processing, compressing and packaging of bulk leaf of Puerh, Yiwu swiftly centred its local economy on tea and its fortunes have waxed and waned in conjunction with Puerh trade.

Yiwu possesses a varied mix of local mirco-climates and a relatively high number of ancient and old tea trees which have greatly added to its appeal amongst the tea drinking community, especially in Taiwan. Ancient tea trees represent yearly production of around 60 - 70 tonnes, Yiwu teas are known for their mellow yet complex flavours, rich aromas and long-lasting sweet aftertastes.

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