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White Tea Taster

White Tea Taster
White Tea Taster White Tea Taster White Tea Taster

White Tea Taster selection. The chance to sample Yin Zhen (银针) Silver Needles, Bai Mu Dan (白牡丹 ) and Shou / Gong Mei (贡眉) white teas.


From delicate, Polyphenol packed silver needles, to the fuller flavoured Shou/Gong Mei. If you are looking to explore this exciting catagory of tea for the first time or wanting to check out the Wan Ling Tea House collection, this could be the perfect choice for you.


All of our white teas originate from Eastern Fujian otherwise known as Min Dong ( 闽东). These teas are simply processed with a basic sun drying and occasional indoor drying depending on weather conditions.

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Product Details

Year and season of Harvest:   Various

Recommended Best Before Date:   Various

Expiry Date / Use By:   Various

Product weight:   3 x 10g

Region:   Eastern Fujian / Min Dong 闽东

Additional Information:   Pictures are only are for illustration purposes only. Vintage may vary subject to availability.

Basic Brewing Information

Please note that infusion times and water temperature for white tea vary significantly, based on style and vintage. Please take a moment to visit our online brewing guide for more details: online tea brewing guide.

Tea Tasting Notes

White teas flavours vary from the delicate, cooling and nuanced hints of grass, spring water and birch sap of silver needles,  through to the warmer, dried fruit notes of the shou/gong mei. Especially with the Bai Mu Dan and Shou/Gong Mei grades, as these age, the flavours deepen further. Our 2004 aged Bai Mu Dan white tea for example has flavours that are medicinal (TCM), root and spice like.   

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Looking to learn more about genuine white tea? Why not visit our white tea facts page for more details along with a look at the Chinese province of Fujian which is home to real white tea.



'Eastern (Fujian)-style' white teas are cultivated closer to the sea, amidst a mountain chain, which surrounds the town of Fuding on its northern, southern and western sides, to the east the land drops to sea level, creating a distinctive, horseshoe-shaped landscape. Fuding experiences a mild, wetter maritime-influenced climate, with a less extreme temperature range than some inland white tea production areas such as ZhengHe.

More information on tea in Fujian, visit our tea regions page.


White Tea

White tea production process is the simplest of all teas and although white tea does undergo oxidisation unlike green tea. However the process does not include any rolling nor, traditionally a final drying 'bake' to halt the oxidisation process.

The key steps include; 

Wei Tiao 萎凋 - Withering

Shai Qing 晒青 - Sun drying

Hong Bei 烘焙 - Finishing bake (low temperature)  

Read more in our White Tea - Tea Types section to learn about the types of white tea and additional white tea facts.

Don't forget to visit our Tea Articles too. Articles include subjects such as Contemporary White tea, Modern Cultivars.

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