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Orchid porcelain teapot

Orchid porcelain teapot
Orchid porcelain teapot Orchid porcelain teapot Orchid porcelain teapot Orchid porcelain teapot

JingDe Zhen made poreclain teapot. Fully hand made and hand painted. The design is a simple ink painting of an orchid with a touch of colour.

Wan Ling has personally selected these teapots not just for the stunning artist appearance but also for the quality of the teapot. The teapot is well balanced with a good pour. The lid is well fitted.

These porcelain teapots are versatile, all-round tea wares suitable for general use and preparing any style of loose leaf tea. Easy to maintain and clean. Great for the tea lover who wants a practical teapot for brewing multiple types of tea.

Please note, as these teapots are hand made there will be slight differences in size, proportion and the design compared with the sizes and images provided.

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Price £150.00

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Product Details

Capacity:   160ml

Length:   13cm (Spout to handle)

Width:   7.5cm

Height:   8.5cm (inc. lid) / 6.2cm (ex. lid)

Diameter:   4.5cm (opening)

Spout:   7 hole

Pouring Time:   9-12 seconds

Description of packaging:   Gift box

Alternative Names:   Chinese porcelain teapot, Chinese ceramic teapot

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

JingDeZhen is a city county in JiangXi, is the home of the world famous porcelains that have been exported throughout the world, especially during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The fine porcelain of the region, along with the skilled artisans has captured hearts of many and as with other Chinese arts has been combined with a practical usages. The tea sets and tea cups of JingDeZhen can be found as pure white porcelain or hand finished in a wonderful range of designs.

It is believed that ceramics production may have begun in JingDeZhen as early as the Han dynasty (206 BC-AD. 220), certainly by the Tang dynasty (A.D. 618-906) it was a thriving industrial area. By the Song dynasty (960-1280) JingDeZhen was given it's current name by virtue of emperor Jingde (1004-1007) who commissioned many wares for use by the imperial family.

The latter part of the Song Dynasty saw increasing amounts of porcelain wares being exported, though it was not until the Mongol Emperor's Yuan dynasty (1280-1368) that these porcelain wares became truly renowned outside of China. It was the Qing Dynasty, where both trade volumes and artistic excellence rose to their peaks to make region the home of fine ceramics.

Taken from: Wan Ling Tea House China Tea Facts

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