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YunNan Gold / Dian Hong Black Tea - 2015

YunNan Gold / Dian Hong Black Tea - 2015
YunNan Gold / Dian Hong Black Tea - 2015 YunNan Gold / Dian Hong Black Tea - 2015 YunNan Gold / Dian Hong Black Tea - 2015

DianHong or Yunnan Gold is a great value premium black tea. A large leaf tea, our 2015 Dian Hong has a high proportion of golden tips. Formed in to elegant 'needles', this tea not only looks great, it produces a deep, rich amber-red coloured tea liquor with distinct aroma.

Our 2013 Dian Hong was a 2014 UK Great Taste Award winner, receiving two gold stars from the independent judges. The judges commented, "Black leaf producing a clean liquor of interesting character: slightly smokey, a touch nutty, creamy yet with a pronounced astringency".


The 'Dian' in Dian Hong Cha 滇红茶, is an alternative character in Chinese to imply the region of YunNan 云南, a southern province at the foothills of the Himalayas. Known by many outside of China as YunNan Gold due to the golden tips.

This stunning tea produces a wide range flavours that are carefully balanced for a real taste sensation. Notes include pepper, malt, coca which finish with an almost sweet almond oil.

Excellent choice for those who love Assam's and for those want a full bodied black tea, but are looking for a complex tea with plenty of flavour. Very easy to prepare whatever you chosen method. Can be infused 6 times which is excellent for a black tea.

Price £15.00

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Product Details

Quantity Discount
5 - 10 10.00%
11 - 20 15.00%
21 - 60 20.00%

Year and season of Harvest:   2015

Description of packaging:   Craft style resealable pouch

Product weight:   100g

Region:   YunNan, China

Alternative Names:   dianhong, yunnan gold, hongcha

Basic Brewing Information

Visit our online tea preparation guide for hints and tips about getting the most from this excellent black tea. The guide includes different tea brewing styles and advice.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Discover more about Yunnan, the Southern Province which is home to Puer tea and Dian Hong Black tea. Yunnan tea region guide.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 4

George Finch, Rated this as: 4

Bold black tea...

This tea has a nice complex flavour with a smell of raw rolling tobacco, slight caramel and chocolate. The lightly smokey smell comes through in the taste along with a strong creamy malted flavour

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