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CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015)

CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015)
CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015) CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015) CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015) CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang (Autumn 2015)

Guan Yin Wang, the Emperor Tie Guan Yin.

CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang is the best of the best. Competition grade Tie Guan Yin is careful selected from the best plants, on the best day, at the optimal time and hand processed by a farmer with generations of experience, this 'Wang' or Emperor Tie Guan Yin is an exquisite Oolong tea. The lightly oxidised (20-30%) leaf produces a magical, clear liquor with a pale golden tones and the leaf, after a few infusions, is a glorious emerald green.

As our existing Guan Yin Wang customer's know, this is not a tea we are able to secure every season. We are all very excited about this tea and we are so pleased that mother nature was able to deliver this stunning tea for us to enjoy.

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Product Details

Quantity Discount
3 - 5 5.00%
6 - 10 10.00%

Year and season of Harvest:   2015 Autumn - October

Description of packaging:   8g double wrapped, vacuum sealed - gold

Product weight:   7 x 8g

Region:   XiangHua, AnXi, FuJian, China

Alternative Names:   Ti Kuan Yin, Tie Kuan Yin, TieGuanYin, AnXi Tie Guan Yin

Basic Brewing Information

We highly recommend you brew our CanSai JiPin Guan Yin Wang gongfu style for best results.

Visit our online Tea Brewing Guide for full details.

Tea Tasting Notes

Tea Appearance: Bold and stunning green. Even coloured, manually prepared pellets. Leaves open to an evenly oxidised pale green, mid-size leaf.

Tea Liquor: Pale, bright, translucent, pearlescent, iridescent green / golden liquor.

Tea Aroma: Complex and multi-layered. Hints of flowers especially orchid, undertones of creme with a warm, cleansing freshness.

Tea Taste: Extremely smooth, with perfectly balanced astringency and sweetness. Distinct and complex layers of flavour with a extremely long, clean finish. Contrast of flavours across the tongue, palate, cheeks and down the throat are like a professionally conducted orchestra!

Tea Benefits

  • Traditionally enjoyed to aid digestion and increase your body's metabolism.

  • Relaxing, whilst invigorating mind and body.

  • Can be beneficial to your health as part of well balance diet.

  • Contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating : 3

Adam Davies, Rated this as: 3

A good tea......

...but not a great one unfortunately. I can only compare it to the Autumn 2011 harvest, which may have been exceptional, but I was slightly let down by this tea.

I was hoping for a really unctuous, rich liquor and a real depth of flavour, but found this harvest much closer to the standard TGY in both regards.

It's not an unpleasant tea, in fact it's a nice tea, but I can't help but feel disappointed, and can't recommend at the price.

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