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WuYi Rock Tea Taster

WuYi Rock Tea Taster
WuYi Rock Tea Taster WuYi Rock Tea Taster WuYi Rock Tea Taster WuYi Rock Tea Taster

WuYi Rock teas offer a complex blend of flavours and aromas. Can be drank fresh after harvest or stored and aged for a depth of flavour that matures over time. Rock Teas or Yan Cha, are a fuller oxidised oolong tea, with a deep colour liquor. Leaves range from a dark green through to almost black. Ideal for those who like a fuller flavoured tea, that retains a complex taste profile and satisfying 'nose'.

WuYi Rock Tea Taster Selection includes;

Tie Luo Han (10g), Que She (10g), Rou Gui (10g), Qi Lan (10g) and Bei Dou Da Hong Pao (10g).

Price £24.00

Product Details

Year and season of Harvest:   Various

Description of packaging:   Seally bag / box

Product weight:   5 x 10g (10g of each tea)

Region:   WuYi Shan, Northern FuJian, China.

Alternative Names:   Yan Cha, Rock Tea, WuYi Oolong Tea,

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Explore the stunning sights of the WuYi mountain region, home of Yan Cha Rock Oolong Tea.


Learn more about the Oolong style of tea in our tea facts pages.

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