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Aged TieGuanYin (1992)

Aged TieGuanYin (1992)
Aged TieGuanYin (1992) Aged TieGuanYin (1992) Aged TieGuanYin (1992)

Aged TieGuanYin from 1992. New to the online shop for 2013. This TieGuanYin is full of flavour and produces a deep, dark liquor. Roasted over-tones blend with a mix of sweet, caramel flavours and slightly woody hint. Can be infused repeatedly. Wan Ling has enjoyed in excess of 20 infusions using a standard gaiwan. Liquor is bright and clear throughout. Each infusion has it's own unique characteristic. 

This TieGuanYin was produced in a traditional, fuller oxidised fashion and has been stored in such a way that it has not been handled or baked much. The tea does not have that 'scorched' taste that is sometimes found in aged oolong teas where the aim has been to accelerate the 'ageing'. This aged TieGuanYin was re-baked in 2012 prior to being transported from the original mountain where it had been produced all that time ago. Depending on storage, this tea should not need to be dried again until around 2017 (approx.). 

Limited Edition of 50g pouches.


Price £50.00

Product Details

Year and season of Harvest:   1992

Description of packaging:   Craft style, foiled lined pouch

Product weight:   50g

Region:   AnXi, FuJian, China

Alternative Names:   Ti Kuan Yin, Ti Guan Yin

Basic Brewing Information

We highly recommend you brew our Guan Yin Wang Oolong tea gongfu style for best results.

Visit our online Tea Brewing Guide for full details.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Discover AnXi Tie Guan Yin facts and information. Our tea facts section gives you the chance to better understand these exquisite teas. Looking for some more information on the AnXi tea region? Our China Anxi tea facts pages contain background information that we hope sheds some light on these sometimes mysterious Oolong teas.

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