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Leaving Feedback - A short guide

Wherever you shop online it is always reassuring to read the feedback of other customers. From gaining specific product information to a better understanding of the general shopping experience, feedback and reviews are an integral part of making an informed choice.

As an online retailer, feedback is equally important. Unlike a real shop we don't get the chance as often as we'd like to 'chat' with our customers. It is important for us at a personal level to feel we are delivering a great product and customer experience to match. Unfortunately we are human and run Wan Ling Tea House online as a part time operation as such we sometimes fail to meet the standards we aim for. In the, hopefully few cases where we fail to deliver, it is important for us to hear about it so we can address the problem and prevent happening again.

Whether good or bad, please do send us feedback. There are lots of ways to do this.

 Guaranteed reply

  • Website - leave product reviews for other shoppers to review.

  • Phone


Online sites

  • Facebook - you can also leave us an review. This is warmly welcomed.

  • - don't visit as much as we should, but this is a useful resource for the tea aficionado!


Wan Ling Tea House Website Reviews

If you do have time please why not leave some product reviews? This as a great help to other customers choose products that best suits their needs. You can leave a personal or anonymous review by following these steps;

1. Login into your Wan Ling Tea House account

2. Visit the product you would like to review

3. Click on Customer Reviews (near the bottom of the page)

4. Click on Write a Review

5. Give your review a title, write your review, select a rating (5 excellent - 1 terrible) and choose if you would like to include your name or remain anonymous.

6. Click Submit Review

A bit thanks in advance to everyone that continues to support us. We look forward to bringing you all lots more wonderful teas and tea wares.

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