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Website improvements: Product pages & images

Website Improvements

Tom and James have been busy behind the scenes on the website. We have updated the format of the pages which we hope gives more information, whilst simplifying the layout. The new accordion feature allows you expand information at a click of button which is interesting and relevant to you. 

We have also introduced a new 'Zoom' feature which allows you get a closer look at the item's image. This solution is perfect for items such as YiXing teapots and our quality loose leaf teas. In future all new products added will enjoy these features. To use, roll-over the product image with you your mouse's icon, the picture will show a zoomed image to the left. For products with multiple images you can now click on the mini thumbnail to show the image.

Why not visit some pages with the new features built in;
Guan Yin Wang Tie Guan Yin teas
Rose wood GongFu tea tray

Da Bin Ru YiXing Teapot
Gu Yun YiXing Teapot

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