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Chinese Gaiwan. Lidded tea bowl used for making tea.For many once you are bitten by the Chinese tea habit the gaiwan becomes a new tool to be mastered and ultimately relied on. It can certainly be challenge to start with but very quickly becomes an indispensable and versatile part of your tea ware collection.

Our What is a Gaiwan section is a basic introduction the gaiwan, however we thought it was about time we explored some other aspects of this vital part of the gongfu tea ware range.

Why use a gaiwan and not a teapot? There are many historic reasons why the gaiwan has been a common vessel in Chinese tea history, however in modern times the gaiwan has remained popular due to the versatility, convenience and cost. No matter what tea you are brewing a gaiwan can be used. The most common type, the classic Fujian DeHua white porcelain is easy to clean and so prevents flavours and aromas being retained during brews. The relatively thin walls avoid the loss of too much heat into the gaiwan and the shape ensures the maximum contact between the fresh, boiled water and the tea leaf. No matter whether you are brewing small leaf or large leaf tea the gaiwan can be an ideal choice.

Combined with the standard small DeHua gongfu tea cups, the simple white gaiwan makes for the perfect understated tea drinking solution. The plain cups allow you to appreciate the tea's liquor and aroma whilst being easy to hold and drink from.

Interested to learn more? Top up your tea cup and visit our What is a Gaiwan tea facts page or visit our Traditional gongfu tea making method page to see a gaiwan in use and learn more about the process and skills involved in making tea.

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