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New: Tie Guan Yin and Green Tea in stock NOW.

Wan Ling Tea House is pleased to announce our spring 2012 selection of teas are now in stock.

We have a choice selection of Chinese green teas including LongJing, MaoFeng and a superb hand rolled TaiPing HouKui green tea. For the oolong tea lovers amongst you not only do we have our award winning range of Tie Guan Yin light Jade Oolong teas, we have also added a darker, Dan Cong Oolong tea from the south of China.

The range is idea for relaxing and enjoying the summer. Whether you love light and delicate teas like LongJing or looking for a fuller, deeper flavour like the TaiPing HouKui or something richer still such as our new Dan Cong Oolong. We hope you find something to warm your tea pot with!

Interested to know how we bring you these teas? You can read our latest update from the spring tea travels to select the AnHui green teas which include our 2012 MaoFeng and the outstanding TaiPing HouKui.

Happy tea drinking.

The Wan Ling Tea House Team

PS - Don't forget, we are hear to help. If you are not sure what would suit your taste buds drop us a line. We are very happy to chat with you to suggest something to fit individuals personal preferences.

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