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Ian Gregory handmade Chinese tea cups

Exciting times here at Wan Ling Tea House. Old friend and world renowned ceramic artist Ian Gregory has delivered his first samples of a range of specially commissioned tea cups. These are exclusive to Wan Ling Tea House. To celebrate the launch we are offering 15% OFF our standard retail price.

Working with Ian, Wan Ling and James with the assistance of Tom at ovo design (who is Ian's son) worked through a range of different, popular Chinese tea cup styles and discussed the benefit and advantages of certain materials when preparing Chinese teas. Ian putting in to action his decades of experience came up with variations and some beautiful glazes.

You can get some more background on Ian's working history at: The site includes how Ian has shaped the western world's kiln design and developed unique glazes and clays which are utilised by many contemporary ceramic artisans.

We would love to hear your feedback on this collection. We aim to work with Ian Gregory to develop a select series - you can influence this.

Remember this series of Chinese cups are individual samples as such may not become part of the core range Wan Ling Tea House aims to develop. You could be the exclusive owner of a one-off Ian Gregory original. Ian is renowned throughout the world and has pieces of his work in London's Victoria and Albert museum.

Buy online today. Handmade Chinese tea cups by British artist Ian Gregory.

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