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Flying high. SAS and Wan Ling Tea House.

"Chinese scholars have long hailed tea's medicinal benefits and nobility have flaunted it as a status symbol for centuries. It first became popular among the masses in the Tang dynasty (618-907), when people would gather in humble tea houses to share news and ideas. While the teahouses have changed over the years - most recently into sleek design-led spaces - the habit of drinking tea remains burnt into the Chinese consciousness. Whatever the weather or activity, it's rare to see a Chinese person without their trusty Thermos, and the teahouses are as alive and well as ever".

Taken from the original article on the Scandinavian Traveler website, SAS Airline's online inflight magazine.

Wan Ling had the pleasure to welcome Shanghai based Crystal to Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai to share and talk about tea. Crystal specialises in food and drink, and during the interview they were able to share several teas from our collection. If you are interested in reading the full article please visit

Original article by Crystal Reid, published on 26th March 2019

Wan Ling at Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai with Scandinavian Traveler Magazine.

Scandinavian Traveler Inflight Magazine at Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai (Picture courtesy of Scandinavian Traveler Magazine / Dave).

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