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Jasmine Pearls AA Grade Tea Review

The Wan Ling Tea House team is really to pleased to be able to re-publish this review by Chelsea at Taste The Tea blog, a growing online tea review site and tea resource.

Below is Chelsea's review which is an extract from this this Jasmine Tea Article: All About Jasmine Tea.  


These pearls are basically the crème de la crème of jasmine tea, particularly of the leaves available in the UK market, and it really, really shows. They are made with premium green tea and jasmine flowers, nothing more. No sprays, fragrances or oils, just natural jasmine infusion. These pearl are super fragrant, without being sickening and the flavour is similar, a juxtaposition of punchy, delicate floral. Some jasmine tea can leave a very dry mouth feel and slight astringency; however these pearls only have the slightest dryness in the finish, making for a more enduring cuppa. I managed to steep these 3 times before they had fully unfurled and started to really lose their flavour!

**Product Details:** 50g   

**Price:** ££££   

**Final Thoughts:** These pearls are truly superior! I'm not sure how anyone could turn back after tasting these, other than the price tag, but can you really put a price on good tea?


Find out why Chelsea enjoyed these Jasmine Pearls so much, buy online today from our Jasmine Tea page.


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