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Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai - Tea Shop Review

Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai welcomes a wide cross section of local Shanghainese, Chinese from other parts of the country who have settled in Shanghai as well as a multitude of visitors from China, Asia and further afield. One of the joys of the tea shop is that you have the chance to make new tea friends and catch up with old acquaintances over a pot of tea. 

 Yellow stamp ripe shu puer tea. Picture courtsey of Minor Sights

Yellow Stamp Ripe Shu Puer - picture courtesy of

We had the pleasure of making friends with a regular China traveller, Michiel, who runs the very interesting travel blog Minor Sights. Michiel is a Tie Guan Yin lover who has visited tea gardens from Kenya to Hangzhou. It was great to meet up with him and chat about tea and travel Why not checkout the Wan Ling Tea House review on Minor Sights here:

You should also take the chance to read some of the other blogs on Minor Sights, you might just find a hidden gem on your next overseas trip that you never knew about. On tea related topics, there is an interesting article about Michiel's visits to Tian Shan tea city, one of the largest and best tea markets in Shanghai.


Travelling to Shanghai? Come and visit us. The kettle is always on.


Safe travels


Wan Ling Tea House Shanghai


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