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Great Taste 2016 - Tea Stars

Results are in from the Great Taste 2016 and Wan Ling Tea House has shown yet more consistency in delivering superb teas. For 2016 we decided to try some different teas and see how the judges enjoyed them. Our entries this year were, Bai Ya Qi Oolong tea, Laos Sheng Puer 2014 and the Ancient tea tree Dian Hong black tea.

Both the Bai Ya Qi Oolong tea and Laos Sheng Puer 2014 achieved 1 stars. We were disappointed that the ancient tea tree Yunnan Gold Dian Hong did not receive any awards as this is a superb tea with lots of depth and complexity.  

Ancient tea tree black Dian Hong Yunnan tea Ancient tea tree Sheng Puer tea Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong Tea

As the Great Taste Awards site says, "Our winners are all genuine food people who care about the quality of food and drink they produce. Those producers entered 10,000 products with only 141 foods achieving the highest and most coveted rating, three stars. We had 878 foods grabbing 2 stars and 2520 were awarded a 1 star. That means only 35% of entries were accredited - it's tough".

We hope that Wan Ling Tea House's participation in the awards continues to push new teas to a wider audience, including the Great Taste judges. We look forward to bring more and more super teas to the market and your cup. Why not try one of our Great Taste entries and make your own judgement?



Comments Rating

Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong Tea - 2013

An interesting tea. Attractive smokiness and good fruit on the finish.

1 star

Laos Sheng Puer Tea - Spring 2014

The dry leaf looks good, and produces a delicate liquor which is great on the nose. There is some marked brassica and it lacks the level of leathery notes we were anticipating, but it's an attractive example.

1 star

Ancient Tea Tree Dian Hong Yunnan Black Tea

There is some gentle character here, but it's slightly flat and lacks nuttiness. The background flavours are not attractive.

No Award

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