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Your Tea Wares - Shi Piao Zhu Ni Yixing Teapot

It brings a warm glow to us when we talk to old customer's who are loving and using tea wares bought from Wan Ling Tea House. In this article we wanted to look at one customer's connection to a Zhu Ni Yixing teapot he bought from us. Hope you enjoy.


Dear James,

It is more than two years now since I bought my ShiPiao YiXing teapot from you.

Shortly after I bought it you asked me to let you know how it was going as Mr Ge liked to know how his products fared.

So having just made an order with you for more tea I was thinking about this and thought I should send you a photograph of the teapot I took earlier this year.

YiXing Teapots - Shi Piao Zhi Ni ZiSha clay

Mr. Ge ZhuNi YiXing Teapot in the customer's garden in the UK

For all that it is changing its appearance and character I still love the simple pleasure of making tea with it, especially when the weather is good and I can do this in our garden. I love its shape and actually enjoy rinsing and drying it because I like to hold it in my hands, it is a delight and one that is becoming more delightful as I use it more.


 Collection of Yixing teapots in the UK

 Customer's Yixing teapots, a LuYu tea pet and a Hua Sheng JingDe Zhen tea cup


I think getting that second YiXing teapot sort of marked the point that I started a 'collection' and I wanted to show it off, having the beautiful HuaSheng teacup and the LuYu tea pet from you really added to the character of the photograph so they stayed in in the final cut. I used this photo as the cover photo for a Facebook page of mine for some time.


A big thanks to our tea friend for taking the time to share the picture and his enjoyment of the tea wares. We hope he will continue to enjoy them for years to come.


Have a story of your own you'd like to share with us and other tea lovers? Please contact us.

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