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Tea travels: WuYi mountains tea trip (2011)

James and Wan Ling recently travelled to Fujian to source some new season teas and to attend the WuYi tea festival.

The annual tea festival brings together many of the regions tea producers as well as tea lovers from across the province and country. The events are split across a number of sites including the large exhibition halls.

The journey from Shanghai is an over night train, arriving in bright and early at 6.30am. Fortunately we were blessed with a lovely weekend, of clear skies and sun. Around 10am we were able to participate in a blinding tasting, along with nearly hundred others. In total we tasted WuYi oolong rock teas from 3 categories; Shui Xian, Da Hong Pao and Rou Gui, plus some local Fujian black teas. Each of these had been selected for the competition. The highest scoring, being auctioned off for a premium and having the kudos of winning.

The WuYi mountains, are a stunning environment and a striking reminder of the importance of UNESCO world heritage status. Across the river from the protected area, the town has grown hugely in the last five years. Now a tourist attraction, the town is home to dozens, if not hundreds of tea shops, local produce shops, wood carvings and hotels. Many of the tea shops are run by people from across Fujian, selling tea produced in a WuYi rock tea style, typically as Da Hong Pao, currently the most renowned of localities' teas.

As part of the trip we visited one of our suppliers, a family owned tea farm producing beautiful artisan Oolong teas. Read about our extended range of WuYi teas in our news page or visit our WuYi oolong tea shop section. 

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