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Second Flush Darjeeling Teas

Second Flush Darjeeling Teas

Second flush Darjeeling teas offer the tea lover so much. The darker, firmer tea leaf, yields a orange - amber tea liquor, with a deep, long lasting flavour that carefully balances astringency, hints of honey and mountainside essences.

Darjeeling second flush teas from each tea estate have their own characteristics, capturing the variations in soil types, weather and surrounding that make up this stunning part of the world with it's eye on the Himalayas.

First flush Darjeeling vs Second flush Darjeeling? It is not a competition, both are wonderful examples of why great loose leaf tea is loved by so many. 1st & 2nd Flushes are unique teas in their own right.

Enjoy the finest Darjeeling Teas direct from the UK.

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