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LongJing Green Tea 2017

LongJing Green Tea 2017
LongJing Green Tea 2017 LongJing Green Tea 2017 LongJing Green Tea 2017

LongJing Green Tea is one of the world's best known green teas. Originating from the Eastern Province of ZheJiang, LongJing has a distinct flattened leaf, sweet aroma and smooth taste.

We are pleased to bring our customers this rather special LongJing green tea. From the same team that bought us our 2016 Long Jing Green tea, this tea comes from another of their organic tea gardens and is harvested from the local cultivar, Long Jing #13. This year's tea combines a traditional appearance and great depth of flavour, with a wonderfully roasted aroma.


The tea garden is managed by a team of passionate tea experts and adheres to international organic standards. The tea plants are originally planted during the communist times of 1960s-1970s.

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Year and season of Harvest:   1st April 2017

Recommended Best Before Date:   2020

Expiry Date / Use By:   2027

Description of packaging:   Resealable pouch

Product weight:   50g

Region:   LinAn, Zhejiang, China

Alternative Names:   LongJing, Dragonwell

Basic Brewing Information

Recommended Brewing Method: Filter Cup or Filter Mug

Vessel Capacity:
 150 - 200ml
Tea Quantity: 3g (loose leaf)
Water Temperature: 70 - 90c 
People / Servings: 1 - 2

Instructions: Rinse the tea with a little hot water and then discard it. 
Next refill the tea pot and follow the infusion times below.

Infusion Times (in seconds):
1st. 60
2nd. 90
3rd. 120

For more alternatives, visit our online tea brewing guide. Includes different styles and infusion times for green tea.

Tea Farmer Background

Mr. Li is a veteran of the tea industry. He and his team have worked hard to develop the company's production. This includes the 800m-1000m site which in corporates a large swath of old tea trees that were planted either in 60's or 70's from which our 2016 Long Jing was plucked.


Our 2017 Long Jing comes from Mr. Li's Guan Tang, LinAn garden which has been converted to organic cultivation and covers approximately 65 acres. 


Their company focuses primarily on the export market and has developed a strong following overseas for their EU and Organic compliant teas.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information


Population 54 million
100,000 km2

Tea Production Area 170,410 hm2 (5th Largest in China)

Climate Subtropical Monsoon; average annual temperature 15-18C.

Tea Types Predominantly Green, some Black.

Famous Teas Longjing 龙井, Anji White 安吉白茶, Golden Bud, Jingshan.

Notable Cultivars Longjing No.43, Anji Bai, Huang Jin Ya.

Tea Ware Dragon Spring Kilns 龙泉.


Tea Production

The majority of Zhejiang's tea production is dedicated to green teas such as Long Jing (Dragon Well), and Anji White tea (a green tea, but called white due to pigmentation of leaf) is another famous tea from this area.

Zhejiang possesses a more temperate climate than its southern neighbour Fujian, a fact reflected in its focus on green tea production; with cooler winters and a noticeably less volatile summer, tea production is at its peak before and after Qingming. Although in recent years there has been a trend to expand the tea season as many tea farmers have begun to experiment producing different tea types. Where previously tea bushes were pruned back after the end of the Spring growing season, tea farmers are now picking later in the season and producing black teas.

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