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Bulang Sheng Puer (1992)

Bulang Sheng Puer (1992)
Bulang Sheng Puer (1992) Bulang Sheng Puer (1992) Bulang Sheng Puer (1992) Bulang Sheng Puer (1992)

An exciting discovery in a friend's Jinghong warehouse!



During an exploration of our friend's warehouse we found two cases (jian) of this hidden under some other teas. From his notes this around 25-30 years old (as of 2017) and comes from the Bulang mountain region. A course, traditional local tea, this tea has lost much of the dry leaf's aroma, but after infusing, the tea's natural characteristics are released. A very smooth liquor, which is extremely sweet and has a great, long lasting finish.



Can be infused at least 12+ times. Wan Ling recommends cooking the tea once you have finished infusing gongfu style as the tea still has more to give. Cooking brings out almost date like fruity sweetness.



Please note the age and provenance of this puer can not be guaranteed and is based on notes/memory of a Chinese friend. However, we have been drinking plenty of it and we have have all agreed it is a very enjoyable puer tea.


Price £300.00

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Product Details

Quantity Discount
2 - 5 5.00%
6 - 10 10.00%
11 - 19 15.00%

Year and season of Harvest:   Exact date unknown, estimated to be around late 1980s to early 1990s.

Recommended Best Before Date:   2030

Expiry Date / Use By:   2100

Description of packaging:   Leaf wrap

Product weight:   900g

Factory:   Unknown

Region:   Bulang mountain, Yunnan, China.

Additional Information:   Stored in JinHong, Yunnan until 2017. Weight around 1000g though not exact.

Tea Facts and Tea Region Information

Bulang Mountain

Location:Southwestern Menghai District
Villages: Banzhang, Lao Man Erh.
Altitude: 1200m - 1600m


A modern heavyweight of Puerh tea. Bulang Mountain is known chiefly as the home of Banzhang, which, due to voracious demand, commands astronomical prices and perhaps is the most sought-after tea in Yunnan. 

Bulang Mountain is a large tea growing zone with vast areas of land populated with tea plants.Villages such as Banzhang and Lao Man Erh boast significant numbers of ancient tea trees and are farmed, in the case of Lao Man Erh, by the original guardians of tea plants, the Bulang Minority.

In recent years, in light of the tea phenomenon that is Banzhang, the villages have become marginally accessible, and some locals conspicuously wealthy, yet this is a special tea area made even more enigmatic by its supremely remote location. Teas from Bulang Mountain, especially those of Banzhang and Laoman erh, represent Puerh's most complex flavours and beguiling aromas.

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